Original Taste of Northern China Cuisine

930 Whitehorse Rd
Box Hill VIC 3128
+61 3 9898 8787

For my final entry for 2011, I’ve decided to keep things cheap, nasty and simple: another review of yet another dumpling restaurant. Who would have thought?! This time, I’ll be writing about Original Taste of Northern China Cuisine in Box Hill (whew, what a name!).

On the Eve of Christmas Eve, my local Westfield Shoppingtown was trading until midnight to cater for those who decided to leave their Christmas shopping until the last minute. I’m certainly not one to start buying gifts two days before Christmas (why would I, when the last few years I’ve been giving my family members cash for Christmas?) so I had no need to take advantage of Westfield’s very generous extended trading hours. I did, however, want to walk around and take in the buzz and festive atmosphere of shoppers scrambling around for the perfect gift or two so I ended up making the trek to Shoppingtown. Knowing that such a trip would require lots of energy, however, I decided to make an early dinner stop at Box Hill for some dumplings.

According to the current edition of Cheap Eats, Original Taste opens at 5:00pm every evening so I timed my trip from the city to ensure that I arrived at around 5:15. When I got there, however, their door was shut, their floors were still being mopped and the chefs had not arrived. I asked a young man there (the son of the owner, apparently) if I should come later, he said that I was fine to come inside but that I can ONLY order dumplings as the mains could only be made by the ‘chefs’ who weren’t due to start until much later. This was somewhat misleading because it was like, why bother opening at 5pm if only a fraction of the menu was available?

Thankfully, however, I was only here for dumplings. I chose a plate of pork and Chinese cabbage dumplings which attracted a price of $7.80 for fifteen steamed ones, but for an extra $1 I went for fried ones. Given that it wasn’t busy (I was the only diner there – what a loner!) and given that dumplings shouldn’t take long to fry, I wondered why it took them 30 mins for my dumplings to reach the table. And to my disappointment, they were steamed and not fried. I told the waitress that I had asked for them fried and even told her that I had POINTED to the word ‘fried’ on the menu but she stubbornly retorted with, “No, you said steamed” and “You pointed to the word ‘steamed.” This annoyed me more than that Hussey dismissal at the Boxing Day test earlier this week for I am very much a fried dumplings person and never order them steamed if I’m dining on my own. Secondly, I pointed to the word ‘fried.’ I made sure of that. Hell, it’s not like I have fat fingers either so there’s no way my pointer finger would have accidentally landed on the word ‘steamed.’

Eventually, the waitress submitted and quickly said that she’ll get the kitchen to fry the dumplings. She apologised and said that it would take another 10 minutes, which was fine with me. See? That wasn’t so hard, wasn’t it? My fried dumplings eventually arrived and I attacked them with ferocity. Unfortunately, they didn’t have chilli oil at the restaurant so I had to make do with vinegar. The dumplings weren’t the best I’ve ever had – and they were certainly NOT worth the 40 minutes I had to wait for them. Sure, the filling was lovely – a beautiful mixture of pork mince, coriander, ginger and Chinese cabbage with a hint of sweetness. The skins, however, were a fail. They were too thick, too soggy and too gluggy with no crisp factor whatsoever.

I wanted to like this place but if I were to judge it on one dish alone (unfair, I guess, but such is the way things are), then I can’t say that I’ll be going back again. As a consolation though, the stash of sweet treats that I bought from Happy Lab at Shoppingtown later that evening did make up for such a stodgy dining experience. Squee! On that note, I would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year. See you in 2012 🙂

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  1. hotlyspiced
    December 31, 2011

    Love the name of your blog! Oh dear, that doesn’t sound like a great dining experience. I can’t believe they would open and only have one thing on offer and then they aren’t even ready to bring out that one dish and then they get the order wrong and there’s no condiments to have with their only dish. What a strange place.

    1. libishski
      January 2, 2012

      Haha best. summary. ever.

  2. DL
    December 31, 2011

    Service at Chinese places, with the exception of Flower Drum and a few others, are always top notch – in f***up-ability 😀 Ping’s ftw!

  3. Hannah
    December 31, 2011

    Happy New Year!! And surely this’ll learn you – just skip the dumplings next time and go straight for the sweets 😉

  4. msihua
    December 31, 2011

    Is this the same with the one in the CBD, cause I no likey that one! And Yayy to Happy Lab, it’s my new fave place.. he he he… Have a lovely NYE celebration!!!

  5. Xandie
    January 24, 2012

    Late but I feel like I should try and defend this place! This restaurant seems to be a family business and their customers are mainly people that they already know. I come to this place pretty often and have always enjoyed my dining experience. Food never came out late, always hot and always good.

    The owner lady eventually recognized my boyfriend and I, and she would always come out to say hi to us (or the boyfriend, as she doesn’t really speak english and I don’t speak any chinese/mandarin) whenever we are there.

    I would suggest to try the other main dishes in the menu, like the glass noodles, the green beans with the minced meat (one that comes with a little wrap thing) one of the first few items on the menu. They are some of my favourites.

    It is unfortunate that you didn’t enjoy your experience here, but I do hope you give them a second chance! Because I love your blog haha

    1. libishski
      January 28, 2012

      I guess I must have come at a bad time. Thanks for the suggestions though – I will bypass the dumplings if I do end up coming back here and try the dishes you recommended! 🙂


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