Pour Kids, The

1E Winter Street, Malvern
Malvern VIC 3144
+61 3 9077 3847

I don’t know why, but for some reason I agreed to a Saturday morning hair appointment in Malvern earlier this week. Seriously, why on earth did I think that I could get up at the crack of dawn yesterday morning after not falling asleep before 1am the previous night and p/t it to Malvern (which is no mean feat if you’re leaving in Doncaster)? Fortunately for everyone, I managed to do just that while managing to remain chirpy during my two-hour cut and colour session (I’ll try my best not to make some joke about Split Enz here, bwah!) despite not having had any caffeine and despite a not-so-motivating week – and I have the guys at The Pour Kids to thank.

Located only a short walk from the place that did my hair, Pour Kids is a café that’s been recently popular among the food blogosphere. The name of it may sound like the name of some Californian hipster band that gets regular airplay on Triple J (i.e. crap my boyfriend likes) but thankfully to my surprise there were only turbo pram-toting, Lululemon-wearing and organic juice-guzzling locals with nary a hipster inside. Aside from the food, there are many things in this bright and colourful café that attract punters – the warm, sunny room which would not look out of place in a Walt Disney storybook, the ever-changing display of tarts, pastries and baguettes on the counter and an eclectic menu that not only has some interesting choices for breakfast (gnocchi and fried duck egg, anyone?) but is full of puns that will ensure some giggles amongst you and your mates. Can you imagine ordering a ‘bck-beck-begerk’ (that’s a harissa chicken baguette, folks) or a ‘leeky coq’ (poached chicken with leek and olive tapenade baguette) while keeping a straight face? I know I can’t.

Although I was tempted to order a latte by Axil, I couldn’t because I’m currently getting whitening treatment done on my teeth which means that I must stay away from coffees, teas and boxes of Cheezels (waaah!). Instead, I got myself a tall glass of fresh apple juice ($5) which was a tad on the sour side but still, I welcomed it graciously because it was so hot outside. As I was sipping my juice and wishing that I didn’t have to wait until Monday to find out what swimsuit best suited me, one of the waiters came to me to ask what duck dish I ordered “because there are two duck dishes on the menu”, one a baguette and one a breakfast. I tried not to furrow as I told the dude that I had ordered the ‘Duck For Cover’ and actually pointed to the corresponding item on the menu in order to avoid confusion. Ah, silly French waitress who probably just went back to the kitchen after I placed my order with her and told the chefs, “Asian bitch on the communal table by the window wants ze duck.”

My Duck For Cover came shortly after the mix-up ($16.50). I purposely chose the most unusual dish of them all – a plate filled with slices of Italian-style pork sausages, burnt-butter gnocchi, Swiss chard and a fried duck egg, sunny-side up on top. I probably wouldn’t have ordered it if not for the gnocchi and the pork sausages for the thought of eating duck egg non-Asian style (as in, salted or century egg-style) is still a foreign concept to me. Instead, after eating this I would have preferred a free-range chicken egg as it would have been more flavoursome (and probably save the place a lot of money, too). Pushing that aside, I didn’t mind this dish at all. Okay, so they might have gone a little crazy with the salt but still, it was a tasty dish with strong performances coming from the crumbly pork sausages and the soft, billowy gnocchi squares. It doesn’t look like a massive dish but I was full halfway through the meal for it was a very rich breakfast dish (and this is coming from someone who is privy to eating steaks, fried rice and noodles for breakfast – not all at once, of course).

I was ready to head to the hair salon, but not before stopping by the sweets cabinet to suss out their collection of tarts for I got sucked in by the “Insert double-entendre here – come and peep at our divine display of tarts $3.50″ line in the menu. Well, I am a fine example of how a tart will always attract tarts so I opted for a lovely butterscotch pecan tart to take with me to my hair appointment. It was sultrily delicious – the base was dense with the right amount of crumble while the filling was a lovely balance of sweet, stickiness and nuttiness. At only the fraction of the price that your mum charges, why wouldn’t you? Entendre? Make it a double, no, a triple. Mmmmm…

I was happy with what they did with my hair so it looks like I’ll be coming back to this salon again, which means that I’ll certainly be back for a pre-haircut breakfast at The Pour Kids again.

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I eat too much.


  1. Hannah
    November 6, 2011

    Oh, I would happily put up with endless entendres for just one go at that tart… 😉

  2. Miss T
    November 6, 2011

    Pecan tarts my fav – and why on earth are you going to Malvern when there is a perfectly good Just Cuts in Donnie Westfield…(dont worry, my new hairdersser is in St Kilda)

    1. libishski
      November 9, 2011

      True that! Nah, I had one of those group coupon voucher things for a small salon in Malvern so I decided to give the place a go ($49 for a cut, colour and a $50 voucher for next time ain’t bad!). Was pretty happy with the the results 🙂 Where do you get your hair done in St Kilda?


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