Seven Seeds

106 Berkeley St
Carlton VIC 3053
+61 3 9347 8664

Looking through my files, I realised that there are several eateries that I visited last year and in January this year but have yet to do a write-up on. Hence, the next few entries will focus on these restaurants – I mean, may as well, right? Seeing as I have nothing better to do during my evenings and uni doesn’t start for another two weeks.

Anyway, Seven Seeds was, same time last year, THE hottest place to go for coffee. Established by Mark Dundon of Brother Baba Budan fame, it’s a coffee house that also serves simple, no-fuss light meals in a spacious warehouse dotted with little odd bits and pieces. From the tea cosy lamp shades to the hanging bike racks, every corner of the building captures your eyes.

There is even a little workshop in the middle of the coffeehouse with all sorts of little gadgets for God-knows-what, but I presume that the coffee geeks among us would know exactly what these contraptions do.

Looking around, it seemed like sandwiches and baguettes were the way to go so I ordered an ‘Egyptian Eye’ ($10.50). It came in the form of two thick slices of Dench’s bread covered with bacon and a generous smudging of sweet tomato relish. What made it a REALLY good pressed sandwich, however, was what was inside…

A hole was cut in the top slice so that you can see a fried egg peeping out, hence the “Egyptian eye.” I probably would have enjoyed it a bit more if the egg was a little on the gooey side but overall, a deliciously creative sandwich.

Adam had the sardine, boccocini and semi-dried tomato paste pressed sandwich ($10.50) which he declared a “pretty good sandwich.” The rocket and cabbage salad on the side also created a much-needed acidic balance to the saltiness of the sandwich filling.

Naturally, we could not leave Seven Seeds without trying some of their famed coffees. A short macc for Adam and a clover for me. Because it’s been so long, I can’t remember how much these coffees were nor which bean my coffee was made from. All I remember is that the coffee came in a little teapot-like container and according to Adam, extracted like one would use a French press. The flavour was more subtle than your average espresso and I could only seem to drink it in little sips to fully appreciate the complex flavours as opposed to drinking it in one go. Truth be told, I think I’m more of an espresso girl but coffee connoisseurs would definitely appreciate the clover machine.

Seven Seeds is a great addition to the less-than-exciting part of Carlton and because of its close proximity to Melbourne University’s law school, I can definitely see this place being popular with bleary-eyed students. On this note, I would like to apologise for the less-than-awesome review (not that my reviews are usually considered “awesome” by any standards but anyway…) – we visited this place in October so it really was a challenge trying to recall every little detail!

I eat too much.

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