177/183 Lonsdale St
Melbourne VIC 3000
+61 3 9663 3316

I went to Stalactites for the first time ever on Sunday. Yep, you heard right. First. Time. Ever. Adam and I both ordered a lamb souvlaki each ($11.50) and shared a bowl of small chips which were undercooked ($5.50).

Adam thought the souvlaki was fantastic and I have to grudgingly agree with him. Yes, it was good. And although it ticked all the boxes (decent size, good bread/meat/sauce/salad ratio and irresisitble tzatziki sauce), the best souvlaki award still goes to the lovely Cantonese couple who used to run East Doncaster Village Fish and Chip Shop on Doncaster Road funnily enough* (before a Greek guy took over and scared away all the customers, and now it’s run by Chinese people again haha).

*I admit that my opinion might be slightly biased – I used to work at that fish and chip shop a few years ago heeeh.

I eat too much.

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