Misty’s Diner

103-105 High Street
Prahran VIC 3181
+61 3 9510 0033

An hour of Body Combat plus an hour of Brent’s Body Balance class on Saturday morning meant that I was craving some serious carbs after I left the gym. After tossing up between fish and chips and Misty’s Diner, the latter prevailed as I just so happened to have a “buy one main, get one free” coupon in my wallet. With Adam in tow, we took the train to Prahran and walked up High Street in horrid, hot weather. It was around 3pm by the time we arrived, but the place was still open and buzzing with diners who, let’s be honest here, look like they could be contestants on The Biggest Loser.

The 1950s-style diner is a concept created by a bubbly Arizona native and local identity known simply as “Misty.” The decor is similar to what ex-Sweet Valley High readers like myself would know as the Dairi Burger, but with more bells and whistles in the form of retro car parts plonked randomly all over the room and American flags, and minus Lila Fowler’s lime green triumph parked outside. Apart from the menu offerings, Misty’s also offer items such as American soft drinks and confectionery for sale at the counter, as well as random stuff like this:

So Adam and I are waiting at the counter beside a sign tells us to “wait to be seated.” There were about three waitresses milling around, two of them talking to each other but none of them made the move to accommodate us. Finally, a woman (who I presumed to be Misty) burst out of the kitchen to greet us and told us to sit anywhere we wanted so we opted for a table against the wall. While Brian Wilson and his boys sang about getting around via the loudspeakers, we surveyed the menu which consisted of everything that was considered stereotypical American diner food – hamburgers, waffles, fries and so on. Think TGI Friday’s but less Jack Daniel’s and more sugar-coated sweetness. I’m no health freak but just reading the menu made my heart start to burn a little. Heck, the healthiest thing on the menu was the “Carb-free burger” which consisted of grilled beef, salad greens, cheese, bacon and egg. Uh, yeah, I dunno … . After reading Linda‘s review of the place, I was careful not to order the Philly Cheese Steak so I decided to be safe by choosing a burger.

Adam’s Chilli Cheese Fries ($13.90). They were simply shoestring fries topped with a onions, cheese and what was SUPPOSED to be chilli con carne… except that the sauce tasted more like that revolting red sauce that you get with a can of baked beans. Adam also asked for the “extra hot” option but the sauce was anything but. Sigh. Another thing which annoyed us was that the fries were easily soggy by the time they reached us, thanks to the sauce. I suppose this was the correct way to serve it so perhaps I’m just being picky when I say that I would have liked to have the sauce in a separate container or something.

My Misty’s American-Style Burger ($13.90) came with half a serving of taco fries (an additional $5.90. They looked exactly like Adam’s chilli cheese fries, but with more beef mince and + olives, -kidney beans) and was probably the fattiest thing I’ve eaten in a really long time. The menu advertised the beef pattie to be flame-grilled but I reckoned that it was probably heated up in a pressure-cooker Maccas-style. Inside the burger was a slice of cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, sauteed onions and a ‘special sauce’ which tasted like watered-down Big Mac sauce with a hint of mayo.

It also came with egg, sunny-side up!

For some reason, I expected the burgers to be uber huge but they were really only the size of a typical Grill’d burger. Having said that, they were certainly very filling and I struggled to finish mine off. Taste-wise, I didn’t think it was anything special. It was definitely not Melbourne’s best burger by any standards and I couldn’t help but laugh when Adam commented on how “even Hungry Jacks’ burgers tastes better.” As for the taco fries? Funnily enough, they tasted more like chilli con carne than Adam’s fries did. Hah. Nothing special though. Plus, I felt revoltingly sick after eating everything (yes, I cleaned off my plates!) in the worst way possible.

If you didn’t feel sick when reading about what I ate, I’m sure you WILL after reading about my drink: the Reese’s Pieces thickshake ($7.95). It may have contained a year’s worth of sugar intake but damn, it was probably the best thing I had at Misty’s. I’m a sucker for Reese’s peanut butter cups so the ice-cold combination of crushed Reese’s chocolate pieces, vanilla ice-cream, milk, chocolate sauce, Reese’s puff cereal and whipped cream went down a treat and clogged 10 billion arteries. Oh, the can you can sort of see in the background is Adam’s Tecate, a Mexican beer which, according to him, “makes VB taste good.”

The total bill was $49.75 but we got Adam’s meal for free because of the coupon and so we paid $35.85 instead. Despite the cheery surroundings and Misty’s ability to make the grumpiest of folk start smiling, the food was severely underwhelming that I cannot think of a reason to return. I’m not sure whether it was the food we ate or whether we both just hate American cuisine, period (something I only just realised now (!)) but we both left feeling disgustingly bloated and even as I type this a few days later, my head is still buzzing from the sugar in the thickshake. Service-wise, it was initially slow and lazy but I think the moment I whipped out my Canon, the waitresses started being MUCH more attentive to the point where they were bordering on excessively attentive (i.e. coming over three times in five minutes to see if we were alright). I would not recommend Misty’s for the food itself but if you can just stomach fattilicious and sugarlicious American fare without feeling nauseous, then go for the novelty factor.
I eat too much.


  1. funky_ass
    February 1, 2010

    i told u the burgers aint that huge

  2. SMhopeful
    February 1, 2010

    That diner seems a lot more fatty than the diners/burger joints here in NY, but I guess it’s more of a novelty there. Burgers here that come with an egg are called Texan burgers, but it’s only a burger with a fried egg and nothing else.  Sometimes I wonder what Australians would think of Outback Steakhouse, a popular Australian themed restaurant here with very fatty food.

  3. DivisionSix6
    February 2, 2010

    Yeah you’re right.I think I’ll do the Reese’s Pieces dessert only as well. All the rest. Forget about it!!:D

    February 3, 2010

    @SMhopeful – Yeah, Adam and I were saying later on how REAL American diners are probably not like that and that Misty’s is an exaggeration. You’re right, the novelty aspect does appeal to a lot of Aussies and it would actually be great food for those who aren’t so health-conscious. I have heard of Outback Steakhouse and wouldn’t mind giving it a try if I do visit the states one day!

  5. iloveusacandy
    November 14, 2010

    As you might tell from my blog I love all things American Candy. Have you tried the Reese’s Peanut Butter Big Cup? Its absolutely amazing because you get more chocolate!


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