Spiga Bar Cafe

Shop 2, Menzies Alley
Melbourne Central
360 Elizabeth Street
Melbourne VIC 3000
+61 3 8676 7515

Adam and I felt like quick and easy Italian for lunch this afternoon – and by quick and easy Italian, I don’t mean Aria Giovanni – so we ducked down to Menzies Alley in Melbourne Central to see what makes office workers and weekend shoppers congregate at Spiga Bar Cafe. Although it was just before 12pm when we arrived, we were told that they were still serving breakfast and that there would be a bit of a wait if we wanted to order off the lunch menu. That was fine we with us so we took our time in studying the menu, which was divided up into light meals, pizzas, pastas and bigger meals, and sipping on a smooth Genovese short macchiato ($3.30).

Adam’s regular sized spiga special ($17.90). This was Spiga’s take on the traditional capriciosa pizza – a tomato and mozzerella coated thin crust base, which was still soft and chewy when biten into, topped with paper-thin Gypsy ham, hot salami, mushrooms, roasted peppers and olives. Not something that I’d normally order myself but something that gets Adam excited. A very competent pizza.

In keeping up with my resolution to eat smaller portion sizes, I decided to go for the entree-sized linguine marinara ($19.90), one of only three pasta options available. I was pleased to see that it was actually not as small as I thought and my stomach was easily satisfied with the generous mound of home-made linguine strands that weaved among the calamari pieces, black tiger prawns, white fish fillets and black mussels. Apart from the fact that the tomato-based sauce was a little bit on the oily side, I can say that this was one of the better marinaras I’ve had in a while.

The total cost of the meal was $41.10 which was alright given how full we were, even though we both ordered the smallest options for our dishes. I wouldn’t go as far to say that Spiga serves THE best and most authentic Italian food in the city, but it deserves to remain THE place to go to for a quick pizza meal at Melbourne Central and when one feels like hiding away from the rest of the world.

I eat too much.

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