Rolling Pin Bakery & Yami Yami (Box Hill)

Rolling Pin Bakery
40 Hesse St
Queenscliff VIC 3225
+61 3 5258 1533
Yami Yami
Somewhere on Bank St
Box Hill VIC 3128
Phone number unlisted

So I had a pretty rough week and needed to take a few days off work so that I could clear my head. When the world’s about to collapse, all you want to do is to huddle under the doona and stay there forever, not wanting to talk to anyone. Linda, however, convinced me to come out with her on her day off so I met up with her in the city, thinking that we were just going to sit around and talk.

Well, things didn’t quite happen that way.

She decided, at the spur of the moment, to drive all the way down to Queenscliff, 104km south of Melbourne. Naturally, I was shocked to think that one could randomly decide to drive that far without any sort of planning. I’m one of those people who like to meticulously plan EVERYTHING and a drive out of Melbourne would warrant at least a day’s planning (looking up stuff on the net, working out a budget, calculating petrol costs etc) so this was a bit out of the ordinary for me. Nevertheless, I thought, ‘hey, why not?’ and besides, Linda is pretty scary behind the wheel so who was I to argue with her?! haha.

We had lunch at a bustling bakery cafe on Hesse Street, Rolling Pin Bakery. We weren’t planning to have lunch here but we were lured into the cafe by the flashy “Award-winning pies! Best in Australia!” signs on the window that we couldn’t resist. Linda had a bacon, cheese and steak pie while I had a beef burgundy pie ($5.45, if I remember correctly). To our disappointment, our pies were nothing extraordinary. In fact, we may as well have had a microwaved-heated Boscastle-brand pie from any one of the nameless cafes that dot Melbourne’s city streets. The only things worth talking about my pie was that the crust was NOT flaky and I was kinda perplexed to see huge chunks of capsicum in my gravy…After being refreshed by watermelon and pineapple juices at a grocery store across the road ($7 may have been a bit steep for a “large” juice cup but damn, it was soooo good), we decided to head 30kms into Geelong city where we meandered around Westfield playing ‘Spot The Asian’ and ‘Count How Many Gweilos Stare At Us’ before heading down the beach.

We drove back to Melbourne just in time to suffer through peak hour traffic on the Western Ring Road. Just as we were about to turn into Bulleen, we decided that yep, we were hungry and yep, korean food sounded good and so we did a 180 and drove to Box Hill to eat at Yami Yami, a modest Korean-slash-Japanese restaurant in Bank Street, Box Hill. Now, I’m not overly fond of Korean food but Linda’s been telling me about this place for ages and so this was a good time as any to give it a crack.

Despite the fact that it was still hot outside, we could not resist downing several cups of complimentary corn tea as we tucked into our Korean dumplings, called mandoo ($8 for 8 pieces). I had never tried these dumplings before but I was amused to find that they had more in common with the Eastern European pierogi instead of dumplings of the Asian (Chinese, Japanese) kind. They were fried, potsticker-style, and filled with not just meat but vegetable and vermicelli threads. They were crispy and not overly oily too, and tasted fantastic with the vinegar and soy dipping sauce that came with it.
We also received complimentary pickle/salad items which they gladly refilled once we finished everything on the rectangular plate. My fave was the compartment containing the orange matchstick shaped fishcakes.

Our haemul chongol, a seafood stew cooked on the table over a hotpot stove ($34 for two people). A very spicy broth was filled with fresh seafood (blue swimmer crab legs, mussels, pipis, prawns, squid), vegetables and tofu pieces. It was presented raw on our table but as soon as the crab shell turned a vivid shade of orange, we were free to dig in. It may have been hot outside, but we were surprisingly okay when eating this and although we may have sniffled and sweated a far bit thanks to the spices, we were surprised to find that it was a relatively filling yet light meal. It was the best meal I’ve had at a Korean restaurant so far and I guarantee you folks that I’ll be back again to try the bibimbap that seemed to dominate every second table at Yami Yami.Post-script: A special shout-out to Linda who took me out yesterday. I may be Ms Organised and enjoy planning things right down to the littlest detail, but Linda reminded me just how important it was to also be spontaneous once in a while .

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  1. Manz Libbz, just got back from a wkend without net and am catching up with my blogroll.Sorry to hear about the breakup but I’m glad that u guys are back together because..well,from ur previous posts I could tell that u’ve never been as into other guys as u have been with Adam!Also, mannn, a day with Linda sounds like just what the doctor ordered…..spontaneous fun with a lot of driving around :)Wishing u guys well!! 😀

  2. wooot…i get a major mention.. photos and all.damnit..looking at those photos… makes my mouth waterbtw…. we need to go out to eat dinner more often..funky ones like yami yami..:D

  3. @b3108 – Yeah, trying hard to spend more evenings at home instead of out and about. Plus, Saturday mornings are my sleep-in mornings 🙂@peach_water – Yeah, MUCH better. Wasn’t fun having to go through all that though 🙁@Gurumi_Sunday – LOL Poasa, I am surprised that you still read my xanga, heh. And LOL @ the ‘never been as into other guys’ comment.@funky_ass – We are going to have Sichuan this week, woooo! Let’s do something weird like Ethiopian or Russian sometime…@DivisionSix6 – You should give it a go, it’s pretty good! Not sure if it’s open for lunch though…

  4. It is great to hear/read/see you living spontaniously. It makes you realise how fun list can be when you press the random button rather then play through the whole playlist. Hope that you are feeling better than when I last talked to you. Oh i am living in Greensborough this week and moved out of eltham today feels weird. I guess feel like refugee from the family home which saddly isnt the family home anymore. So no more internet, foxtell, hot running water …etc Next week I move to Glen Iris which sounds more promising at least I can look for work and settle in b4 uni begins.

  5. oooo nice, i’ve been to this place many a times. and its now listed on urbanspoon (well a few months ago anyways thanks to me haha).
    i should write a post on this place too, when i get around to going in again!! yumz

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