Plume (Doncaster)

546 Doncaster Rd
Doncaster VIC 3108
+61 3 9840 1122

Adam and I made an impulsive decision to have yum cha after church this morning. We were on our way to Shoppo so we figured that Plume, being within the general vicinity of the shopping centre, was the best choice. Now, I had not been to this place since the early 90s so I don’t remember it at all. Plus, the fact my parents took us there only once is probably an indicator of how the place fares. Still, I was keen to make a return just to see what ticked them off so much while at the same time, figure out what makes people from the other side of Melbourne come here in droves.

Although we did not make a booking, we rocked up at 11:00am on the dot (opening time) and were lucky enough to get a table.

We mainly focused on steamed dim sums today in an attempt to live healthier lifestyles … ha!
I know this is somewhat unconventional but I love my har gows dripping in chilli oil *big smile*
The food here is pretty much the same you’d get anywhere else and the hargows, in particular, were disappointingly smaller than average.

I did, however, loved their chicken congee which had a lovely silky texture and the crispiest ja gwai I’ve ever tasted. It wasn’t overly salty and I loved how they chopped up the century eggs into little pieces so that each spoonful contained a subtle sulphuric amora which was rather pleasant contrary to what one might assume.
What a gweilo…

So we ordered maybe no more than 10 dishes but we were shocked to find that the bill was effing $74, including tea at $3 per head. I didn’t get to look properly at the itemised bill but the two “standards dim sums” that we ordered (i.e. the cheapest ones on the bill) worked out to be $5 each which is pretty expensive. Heck, I remember eating at Dragon Boat in the city for $48 and this included fried things (we only had dumplings and about two fried dishes this time) AND zha liiang so what the heck, right?! Food aside, I suppose Plume is a lot nicer than some yum cha restaurants and the waiters are generally nicer and more attentive (apart from this one young guy who avoided our table entirely because he was in one of Adam’s tutes at uni and didn’t want to do a stop and chat – rude and unprofessional). Still, I would not drag myself to Plume on a Sunday morning when Tai Pan is only 5 mins from my house and can offer the same amount of food for about two-thirds of the price. I guess my parents were spot-on this time.


-I watched the pilot of ‘The Good Wife’ the other day, one of the new shows that Channel 10 (?) have been advertising. I don’t normally watch legal dramas (somewhat ironic because I am a law student) but I couldn’t help but whizz through a solid number of episodes late last night. The fact that the dude who plays Logan on Gilmore Girls is on it makes viewing easy too. Heh.

-Why the eff does pancetta cost twice as much in Doncaster as it does in Keilor Downs?!? We have wogs here too, you know! Hmmmph.

-Since coming back to Melbourne, I’ve gained all the weight that I lost while in Indonesia. I also ate like, four packets of chips last week. Eff me. I’m going straight back on the chip ban as of tomorrow. I should probably go on a sweets ban too but there is still half a tub of Cherry Ripe ice cream in the freezer which needs to be finished off before I do. i mean, why waste it right?! To be honest, I should probably follow Linda’s lead and go cold turkey on EVERYTHING that is yummy (sweets, soft drinks, junk food, alcohol) for an entire month but I don’t think I have that much willpower.

I eat too much.


  1. M_E_M_O_I_R
    January 10, 2010

    mate, i have no self-control whatsoever when it comes to plain-salted chips and peppered beef jerky. i just eat the whole damn bag, regardless of portion size >.<

  2. DivisionSix6
    January 10, 2010

    Yum Cha is always good!You Jia Gwai… Chinese Churros hahahaha.There’s a story. There was a corrupt government official in China who was a traitor. He was named Chun Gwai. The citizens foiled his plot and caught him and his wife and burned then on a stake or pole or something, and the dough sticks resemble the him and his wife getting burned.

  3. b3108
    January 16, 2010

    my family normally prefers tai pan over plume, too.


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