Kitchen Workshop

Ground Floor, Clarendon Street Entrance
Crown Casino
8 Whiteman Street
Southbank VIC 3006
+61 3 9292 7856
Adam and I took our families to lunch at Kitchen Workshop, a new buffet restaurant situated in the new dining precinct of Crown just off the Clarendon Street entrance. We were originally planning to organise lunch at The Press Club but mum whinged about it costing too much and how we “shouldn’t waste so much money on food” (cough) while Adam’s parents aren’t keen on eating food that isn’t Chinese (boo). Secondly, everyone LOVES buffet restaurants (excluding Adam and I) and so Kitchen Workshop, recommended by my brother Kenneth, seemed like the most sensible option. Plus, $29.50 for Sunday lunch sounded like decent value.

A contemporary design with clean lines, overlooking Clarendon St. It wasn’t particularly busy today because people were still reeling over their Christmas lunches and/or dinners, I suppose, but there was a steady of stream of CUBs (cashed-up bogans) coming in and out during the afternoon.

I was a tad disappointed at the variety of food on offer – I’d say it would be about 50% of what Foodstar and Smorgy’s would offer. Having said that, the quality and freshness makes up for the lack of food. Obviously the food ain’t Good Food Guide-worthy but it sure beats greasy Foodstar fried fare that leaves you feeling sick and disgusting afterwards. Above: My bowl consisting of lamb sausages, pancetta and olive penne (they even had REAL shaved Parmesan!), potato and artichoke salad, roasted potatoes and rocket leaves.
My second plate: prawns, squid, stuffed mussels and scallops (with tartare sauce + coriander and tomato mayo), lemon-baked fish, a rocket salad (which, for some reason, they labelled “Greek salad”), butter rice and more sausages. There were a few other foods which I didn’t get to try but according to the others, the make-your-own dishes at the Mongolian station as well as the carvery (mint lamb, roast beef and ham) were pretty good…
Pumpkin and chickpea soup which, although a little bit on the sweet side, was lovely. I especially loved the texture and edge that the chickpeas gave to the soup. I, however, didn’t really like the tomato and basil soup – too bland and watery.

Okay, so the hot food section was somewhat lacking in variety (what, no chips?! no fresh seafood?!)… but the dessert section made up for it.

Fruits and cakes.

Mum, Kenneth (who dresses like a bloody extra from ‘This Is England’ these days… quite funny to see) and Janice.

Parents talking.

My sister, the genius, took this shot of us… with the background illuminated and our faces completely black… and our chests chopped off. I had to photoshop this shot just to see our faces…

Some of the desserts on offer: vanilla pudding with orange sauce, caramel mousse, pistachio panna cotta, coffee profiterole and a coconut and meringue pudding in the background. A popular dessert this afternoon was a coffee creme brulee which went like hotcakes – I missed out. *sniff*

The idiots at Kitchen Workshop thought it would be cool to have little shot glasses filled with jelly… which were too small for a dessert spoon to fit into.

The only way to get the jelly out was to prod it out with the end of a spoon *sigh*

Kitchen Workshop… yeah, it wasn’t bad. Definitely one of the better buffet restaurants I’ve been to and would not hesitate to go again if either set of parents asked me to go with them, but not a restaurant that I’d go voluntarily with Adam.

I eat too much.


  1. peach_water
    December 27, 2009

    OOOHHHH that bowl of with meatballs looks tasty! Or maybe I’m just hungry because I havent had breakfast yet! So does the dessert! so pretty :D:D

  2. DivisionSix6
    December 28, 2009

    Ah them desserts. Look. Great!:D


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