Helvetica (CLOSED)

305 William Street
Melbourne VIC 3000
+61 3 9642 2501

We haven’t had a team lunch in ages so my team leaders decided to have one this week. We were originally going to go to The Radisson for their buffet lunch spread as it was a reasonable $14.95. It turned out, though, that the lunch was not $14.95 but closer to $29 which most people weren’t happy about. Hence, our lunch venue was changed to Helvetica Cafe which was practically two lunges from our office. Yeah, a cafe. For a supposedly “special” team lunch. I know. Wow. Cool name, but their food isn’t that crash hot.

My $7.90 “Asian noodle salad” is in the foreground (background: Rob’s meatloaf with mashed potatoes and salad). My cold salad, which was the best choice for a 34 degree day, drew inspiration from Thai and Vietnamese cuisines – a light nuoc mam-y tasting dressing covered a mountain of vermicelli (not clear mung bean) noodles and a sprinkling of drier-than-average chicken pieces. It was okay, but not that great and nothing that even a novice in the kitchen couldn’t whip up at home. With their eyes closed. Boo.

1. My mofo-ing Nokia E63 somehow managed to wipe out all but a few of my phone numbers. I couldn’t figure out what the eff happened but after spending a good chunk of my evening trying to figure out what happened, I conceded defeat. Sigh. I have never connected my phone to any computer nor do I download programs from Planet 3 apart from MSN so I doubt that it could be a virus *scratches head*

2. I woke up last night to the sound of heavy breathing and snores. Sht-scared, I thought that a ghost or some other supernatural being was in my room so I sat there for what seemed like an hour, not wanting to move before I looked down on my floor… and saw that one of my dogs had came into my room and was sound-asleep. Talk about giving oneself a massive heart attack…

3. Dinner at Taxi tomorrow. Two hats. This better be good.

4. So Paypal finally gave me back my money for the item that they charged twice for. The problem was that rather than depositing the money into my bank account, they dumped it into my Paypal account which means that I had to pay a $1 fee just to transfer that money into my bank account. Effing Paypal, you are so effing disgusting that it’s not funny. Charge me a $1.11 for no apparent reason when I purchase the item and then charge me $1 to claim the money that was not yours to take in the first place … YOU SUCK.

I eat too much.


  1. DivisionSix6
    November 19, 2009

    I guess some people either have mortgages… or broke…… but those who are tightarse ALL the time. Geez. >_<Friday tomorrow hooray!

  2. peach_water
    November 19, 2009

    BOOOO to ebay 🙁

    November 20, 2009

    @DivisionSix6 – While it’s true that these people do have mortgages and other stuff to pay off, they are also the same people who eat at this cafe (or similar eateries) every friggin’ day so it’s not like they can’t afford to eat out. Plus, it was payday so they can’t be broke already.@peach_water – Yes, I’m over eBay now. Stupid paypal.


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