Cafe Vue (revisited)

340 Little Collins St
Melbourne VIC 3000
+61 3 9691 3899

1. Wheehehehe! I’m done with uni for the year! I sat my crim law B exam this morning but it wasn’t without its dramas.

2. My original intention was to take the bus into the city and then take the train to Caulfield where my exam was to be held. Last night, though, my dad offered to drive me to Huntingdale seeing as he would be passing the area on the way to work and so I could just hop on a train there, thus saving me time. That was cool with me, so at 7:15am we left the house, arriving at Huntingdale at 7:45am. Just as I was about to hop out of the car though, the news chick on the radio informed of some accident on the Pakenham/Cranbourne line – apparently some effing moron managed to get himself tangled onto a train, either by crossing the level crossing when he was NOT SUPPOSED to or by failing to stand behind the yellow line. Because of this, all trains weren’t running from Oakleigh to Murrumbeena and so there were more than a few commuters miling around at Huntingdale waiting for the bus that goes from Rowville to Caulfield. I was lucky to manage to hop on a bus that would actually fit me in to take me to Caulfield early enough for me to grab a coffee at chill out, but apparently others weren’t – and they took about 2 hours to commute to the city. Ouch. Thank fck for my habit of rocking up to exam venues early, otherwise I would have been totally screwed.

3. Although reading time was supposed to start at 9:30am, the doors didn’t open until 9:40am. And of course, we had to wait for the exam invigilators to hand everyone their papers one-by-one. I dunno why Monash don’t follow Melbourne and La Trobe’s leads by actually placing the paper on the students’ desks BEFORE THEY OPEN THE DOORS so that the exam papers are ready for us as soon as we sit down. Seriously, it would save a lot of time and it’ll avoid anals like getting grumpy.

4. The exam itself wasn’t bad. It was worth a hefty 90% (because I didn’t submit the optional 30% assignment) and 3 hours long. While I reckon I did well in the case section (60% of final mark), I wasn’t so sure about my policy essay (30%). I don’t remember much about the essay except that I pretty much gave up writing full sentences not even a paragraph into it and ended writing messy doing dot points instead. Sigh. Let’s hope I pass though. Then I don’t have to worry about crim law for the rest of my life.

5. Lunch time! Although my last visit to Cafe Vue left me grumpy, Adam was keen on trying the burger so it was with somewhat great reluctance that I went there for lunch. It was after 2pm when we walked in and the place was half-empty, which was a good sign, and indeed today’s experience was MUCH better than the last time. Adam declared his burger to be better than Rockpool‘s one and while my chicken and porcini mushroom pie ($9) could have done with a flakier pastry, the filling consisting of chicken breast chunks and a porcini paste went down a treat with a glass of Cooper’s Light.

Hot pie, salad and beer on a hot, hot day.

Love it.

6. Cafe Vue currently hold cocktail nights every Friday from 6:30pm ($75 per person gives you 5 different cocktails with matching finger foods) and Vue de Monde offer a $55-70 lunch Tuesday to Fridays. Let me know if anyone wants to come with me after I get back from Indonesia!

7. I can’t believe I’m flying off to Indonesia Saturday week. Gotta get my suitcase filled, stat. I will only need a limited number of clothes (our clothes will get washed pretty much every day thanks to the live-in maids at my relatives’ houses) and will fill the rest of my luggage up with cameras, Macbook and lots and lots of books.

8. I was intending to organise a team for trivia night at one of the city pubs this year but sadly, I never got around to doing it. Sigh. Next year, for reals.

9. Apart from the WTF threesome in this week’s episode, I think the best Gossip Girl episodes are the ones that involve a cotillion.

I eat too much.


  1. peach_water
    November 11, 2009

    😀 yay you finished 🙂 Yeah, I’m like you.. rocking up early to places! I hate being late!Oh, RMIT is another uni that has their papers on the desk!Don’t eat anything the maid cooks! LOL. I read something about an indonesian maid on this blog.. I wont tell you what was used.. because.. you know you’d probably throw up. haha

  2. funky_ass
    November 11, 2009

    6. count me in…please let me KNOW!!!!!

    November 12, 2009

    @funky_ass – I’m assuming you’re talking about the Cocktail Nights because I’m guessing that you still work seven days a week and hence can’t do lunch… or do you still take the one day off work each week to go to school? I won’t be able to do it until at least the end of December but I’ll be in touch with you to organise the details. YAY!


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