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Jen‘s been waxing lyrical about Cafe Beelzebub which apparently serves not only the best coffee on Smith Street, Fitzroy but awesome food to boot. So when Adam told me that he finished work at 10am today, I decided to drag him along Smith St for a bit of a walk towards the factory outlet end to try out this place. Having checked on the net to see if they were open (yes, at 8:00am on most days according to google), we figured that a 10:30am brunch would be an ideal time to get some food into my stomach after running around Monash with nothing in my stomach. Unfortunately, Cafe Beelzebub was closed when we arrived, showing no signs of life apart from one guy mopping the floors. He saw us peering into the window before mouthing to us that he wasn’t opening for another hour or something like that. Booo. Sif not open for brunch at 10:30am. Yeah effing right!

Feeling slightly dejected, we walked back to where we came from before deciding to eat at a funky-looking cafe not too far from Beelzebub, Bebida. Now, I’ve seen the place being mentioned in Cheap Eats so I figured that this was a good alternative.

Grabbing a copy of The Age (what else?! I mean, we are in Fitzroy after all), we settled at a table right by the open window so that we could grab some sunshine while we ate. Bebida offers a tapas menu for both lunch and dinner, along with a reasonable drinks list. They also offer a separate breakfast menu, though, for the early starters. For some reason, Adam decided that he wanted the pasta dish on the specials menu. Yeah, pasta. At 10:40am. Surprisingly, though, the bar dude did not even blink when Adam ordered the pasta dish.

My cafe latte ($3.30), made from Atomica coffee beans. It was surprisingly smooth and its texture as light as a feather. It wasn’t bad tasting too.

Adam’s sweet potato gnocchi with chorizo, eggplant and spicy tomatoes ($12.50). Yep, Adam has a penchant for ordering such weird things. I never order gnocchi at restaurants. And I certainly don’t order things with sweet potato in it (not a huge fan) but I was pleasantly surprised at how good this dish was when I stole a forkful. The gnocchi was sweet as can be expected but its sweetness was counterbalanced by the spicy sauce and the saltiness of the chorizo and the fluffy ricotta clouds. The dish, strangely rustic and comforting yet vivacious at the same time, also seemed to be saying to me, “Hellloooo Summer, I’m almost ready for you but first let me revel in Winter one more time.”

My breakfast pide ($10). How’s this for an awesome breakfast? Crispy bacon streaks, melted mozzarella cheese, homemade pesto (with parmesan, cashews, basil, coriander and pinenuts, no less!) in a toasted pide roll. And to top it off, a just-poached free range egg with its yolk oozing out at the slightest prod of a fork. Exactly what I needed.

$25.80 for the two of us kept us not just happy but completely full for the rest of the day (my next meal was not until dinner time at 6:30pm). We were so happy with our breakfast that we are definitely keen to come back to try their tapas menu accompanied by a jug of Sangria when the weather gets a bit warmer. Ahhh *cue Lou Reed now* We might have been bummed about not getting to try Cafe Beelzebub but if it weren’t for the fact that they were closed, we would have never stumbled upon Bebida. And that would have been a real shame.

In other news:

-Adam, being the old man he is, decided that he was tired after brunch so he left to go home while I went to the city library to get some reading done before going to Borders to get started on the new Dan Brown book (I certainly wasn’t going to buy it in hardcover). I figured that I may as well stay in the city so that I could rock up to Body Balance at 4:30pm as it’s been a while since I’ve been to a class.

-I have 12 days to learn everything there is to know about criminal law. Okay, not everything – we did homicide last semester – but close enough. This is going to be fun – no, I’m serious… given the nightmare that has been Research And Writing, ANY OTHER SUBJECT will be a fun house compared to RAW.

-I’m going to be home pretty much all weekend. No races for me. No biggie, since I still can’t work out what’s so fun about spending $50 to go into a venue to watch a bunch of horses run around. If I did go to one race day event, I know I’ll spend the majority of my time with my nose in a book… which sorta defeats the purpose of going there in the first place.

-Gossip Girl is becoming ridiculous and sucky. While I’m liking season three Chuck, Blair is starting to piss me off.  So’s Serena. So’s Jenny’s hobo outfits. And Dan’s penchant for fugly brown clothes. I’m saddened to say that I’m only watching it now out of habit.

-It’s been a while since I stepped foot in Borders and suddenly, all these new awesome books are there. ZOMG, WANT!

I eat too much.


  1. peach_water
    October 29, 2009

    I want to learn crim law! hahahaYour breakfast pide looks great 😀

  2. DivisionSix6
    October 29, 2009

    Hot damn at that Pide breakfast roll burger thing. Me wants the meat!Hahaha, $50? It was $60 for Derby when I went last year and $60 for the Cup. Champagne and crap food (Wow Nando’s & Subway at the Melbourne Cup). Unless you get into one of them Celebrity Marquees hrmmmmmm…

  3. jtngu8
    October 29, 2009

    I’m glad you found a worthy substitute in Bebida! By the way, was it November 13th we’d decided on for dinner? I’m still fine with that date if I hadn’t already said so! Pick a joint!

  4. funky_ass
    October 29, 2009

    u can borrow the dan brown book if u want..actually u can borrow all of the dan brown books if u like..and i do have the HARD copy:D

    October 31, 2009

    @DivisionSix6 – I’m going by the figure my workmate quoted when he went in 05/06 and I would imagine that prices would have gone up since then. Apparently people bring their own picnic baskets to these things though, which actually sounds pretty cool.@funky_ass – You gotta make me a list of the books you have so that I could borrow them!

  6. Liana Lucca-Pope
    August 19, 2010

    I just stumbled across your posting and wanted to say thank you for your lovely words. It means a lot to us when people enjoy our place (and say so in public!). Also your pictures are gorgeous. Nice job.

    Liana & Stuart from Bebida

    1. libishski
      August 25, 2010

      Hi Liana and Stuart,

      Thanks for popping by! We loved our brunch at Bebida and will be back to try all the awesome-sounding munchies on the tapas menu 🙂


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