Little Creatures Dining Hall

222 Brunswick Street
Fitzroy VIC 3065
+61 3 9417 5500

Adam and I stumbled upon Little Creatures Dining Hall yesterday afternoon while on a stroll around Brunswick St, looking for clothes. Modeling itself on its Fremantle predecessor, LCDH Fitzroy can be described as a cross between a cafeteria and barn house with its enormous cavernous interior and communal tables which seemed to be full even at 2:30pm. Stepping into the beer hall, one may understandably be all “what the heck do I do?!” as they survey the former warehouse space, wondering whether they’re supposed to order at the bar or whether a waitress was supposed to seat them.

Without wanting to stand around like idiots, we decided to walk up to the bar and order our drinks while asking where we should order the food. Apparently the protocol is to find an empty table and wait for someone to come around with menus – something that would have been helpful to us to know earlier on. Since we were at the bar already, we ordered our drinks (a Pipsqueak cider for me ($4.50) and a Rogers ale for Adam ($4.30)). On this note, I should mention that in addition to a selection of wines, LCDH stock their house brands on tap (Pipsqueak Cider, Pale Ale, Pilsener, Bright Ale, to name a few) which you can get in three different sizes (both of us got the medium-sized one which was the size of a pot).

LCDH’s menu consists of well, food that goes well with beer: pizzas, mussels, pies and burgers. In addition, there are a few nibbles and desserts in the mix if you want a proper meal. Adam and I ordered a main each, as well as a bowl of chips to share. In hindsight, we probably could have done without the chips – and besides, my meal already came with chips – but Adam was keen on the chips so on the bill it went.
Our food took a long time to arrive. I would guestimate 25-30 minutes which isn’t really good for pub-slash-beer hall standards. Although the place was packed, most of the people there were just about finishing their meals and were just content on sipping pots of beer rather than eating so I don’t know why our meal took that long to arrive from the kitchen. Even something so simple like chips, which should only take 10 minutes TOPS, should have appeared on our table even before our meals did. I was just about to contemplate a walkout when FINALLY, our waitress arrived with both our meals and our chips.

Our hot chips ($7.00). They were thicker than your average shoestring fries, home-cut with their skins still on which meant that they were crispy. They also tasted like they were basked in the lightest sprinkling of rosemary. They would have been perfect, too, if they were taken out of the fryer a minute earlier as some of them err on the burnt side. As for the “mayonnaise”? It tasted more like a heavy creme fraiche and didn’t go down too well with the chips. A little tomato sauce would have probably been better.

Adam’s salami, mushroom, tomato and fior di latte pizza ($18.00). This was definitely a surprise package. A crispy thin crust held together a wonderful mixture of fresh mushrooms, spicy salami and a delicately salty fior di latte (mozzarella made from cow’s milk) which would put a lot of restaurant that serve so-called “artisan pizza” to shame. My only minor gripe would be the use of parsley rather than basil on top which didn’t really do much for taste.

My beef burger with chips ($17.00). I haven’t had a “toffy” burger from Rockpool or Cafe Vue so my next statement should be treated with a grain of salt. Methinks this burger sits on the burger continuum between a fish and chips shop burger and a connoisseur David Blackmore wagyu burger from Rockpool Bar and Grill (which I’m going to try next weekend, wooo!). It is not terribly big but it has a helluva lot of taste and is definitely very filling. The beef pattie, while tender, may have been a little too sweet for my liking (too much Worcestershire sauce) but was offset by the nuttiness of the melted gruyere cheese and the creme fraiche-slash-mayonnaise that came with the chips. Amongst the usual salad trimmings, there was a sweet onion relish which would have been a great addition had the meat been not as sweet. Still, it was better than your average pub burger.

Our bills were placed in one of those old skool “Golden Book” childrens’ story books. How cute is that?


This place is definitely a place where one could enjoy a beer and snacks on a lazy Sunday afternoon, particularly in the warmer Summer months. The food, while more decent than not, was slightly more expensive than what it was worth and that combined with the slow service makes me reluctant to have a proper weekend lunch there again … especially since there are so many other cheaper options on Brunswick St. Having said that though, I’ll definitely choose Little Creatures Dining Hall over local pub fare any day!
I eat too much.


  1. peach_water
    September 20, 2009

    that receipt in a children’s book is so cute!<3

  2. icesabre
    September 20, 2009

    Mmmmm mmm tasty!Except I’d do the burger minus the chips these days… come to think of it, I think my blood pressure rose as a result of me ditching coffee!!!!Hrmm. Too bad I restrict myself to the melbourne CBD… Brunswick is just too far for me boooooooo.

  3. NeverBeBeat
    September 20, 2009

    the disney version of alice in wonderland is still pretty trippy.

  4. Gurumi_Sunday
    September 21, 2009

    love the receipt book – clever and cute :)Man i’m reading about burgers and chips and pizza before bedtime………omg, better hurry my ass to bed lest i raid the kitchen!!! XD

  5. SMhopeful
    September 23, 2009

    Haha, I used to have the very same  Alice in Wonderland Golden book.  Is that place pretty new?  If it is, it could be an explanation for the slow service.  Last weekend we went to a middle eastern restaurant that was also a hookah lounge, and I think we waited 30 minutes for the drinks and food.  They also got orders from other table mixed up with ours and it took 20 minutes for the waiter to give us our check.  I heard the restaurant is new, so things were still bumpy.


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