Dancing Goat Cafe

4/280 King St
Melbourne VIC 3000
+61 3 9670 4002

I’ve finally found a place near my work that actually serves semi-decent food. As you know, I work in the Flagstaff precinct of the city, an area that is notorious for its piss-poor food eateries (apart from Don Too on Lt Lonsdale St). Thus, it is no wonder why I bring my lunch from home most of the time. That was until I found out about Dancing Goat Cafe, a seemingly weird name for a coffee shop but if you actually know the story behind the origin of coffee, you would immediately get the reference. Word on the street is that their barista, Jesse Hyde, won the Grand Barista competition and so people have been flocking to his store to sample his coffee. What’s even better is that this cafe is actually not far from my work so I decided to get a coffee and pick up lunch from there before work this morning.

There was a bit of a wait for my coffee but that was understandable given that there were only two people manning the counter and a large group of legal eagles lining up for their morning brew. My small skinny latte ($3) was thick, rich and rounded off with a beautiful caramel aftertaste. It was the first “proper” (i.e. non-instant) coffee I had in ages so I buzzed around the office all day like a, well, dancing goat. Oh, and although their focus is on coffee, that doesn’t mean that their limited food offerings ain’t worth trying – I ordered a chorizo, spinach, boccacini and tomato relish focaccia which, although not completely filling, was delicious ($8.50, below):

Okay, so I told the chick that I didn’t want mine toasted – there was no point seeing that I would be consuming it for lunch anyway. It was only when I picked up my coffee and asked where my focaccia was, however, did I realise that bitchface didn’t listen to my request as she was too busy fishing it out of the toaster. And they must have forgotten to set the lever on the toaster up because my lunch was as flat as an Asian girl’s chest. Sigh. Oh well, at least it tasted good.

In other news:

1. R.I.P Patrick Swayze. I ate slices of watermelon all day at work today. No, I really did.

2. Never was a fan of Kanye West but after that stunt he pulled, he has slid down even further on my disproval rating. Okay fair enough, not everyone would have been pleased that Taylor Swift won that award but while she isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, she nevertheless did NOT deserve to be treated like that. Kanye, you arsehat.

3. Gossip Girl season three has just been released. How excitement. I just got home and immediately downloaded the torrent. My internet is a little slow tonight so I won’t be able to watch it until way past my usual bedtime. Let’s hope that this season doesn’t suck as much as season two…

4. Adam tried Grain Waves for the first time the other day. He declared them “too healthy-tasting” and said that he’d rather have potato chips. Actually, so do I but he’s not the one going on the potato chip ban . I also tried to get my workmate RS into them too. He asked me what they were made of and I began by saying “Corn, gra-” before he wrinkled his nose and said “Ewwww, too healthy.” Sigh. Boys.

5. I wish I wasn’t so unco. Body Jam classes would be so much more easier.

6. I didn’t sleep until 3am last night. But I was studying and hence, doing something productive. So there.

I eat too much.


  1. peach_water
    September 15, 2009

    Mind telling us the story behind the dancing goat cafe name Libby?Sounds good, but as uni is so far from flagstaff.. I dont think i’ll go that far for coffee. I’ll stick to my light soy latte at starbucks. sigh.1. Did you eat watermelon slices because u were upset :(2. Yah. What an arse.3. I cant watch it too! I don’t know why I was so stupid to download some 800MB TVB show to watch my fav idol do an impersonation of MJ. 4. I told mum how delicious grain waves.. so she went a packet and left it in the pantry so that I had a supply of grain waves ready when I needed to snack. I <3 my mum.5. You’re not unco. :P6. I cant stay up till 3am. max 2am. Otherwise I’ll sleep till midday. haha.

  2. icesabre
    September 15, 2009

    Booooo!!!If only caffeine didn’t mess with my head or my insides I’d continue drinkingthat stuff.Coffeeless for 2 days so far…=)

  3. chaoness
    September 15, 2009

    I spy a Varina flat in the background.. I want a pair of patent red ones but they’re old season. I would however like a black pair but my feet stretch them sideways. I’ve been watching Ghost all day, thanks to a day off πŸ™‚ Wynter messaged me back and she’s busy training for the marathon up in Sydney o.0 fk I hate Duncan’s class.

    September 16, 2009

    @peach_water – Sooo the story goes… an Ethiopian goat herder was tending his flock when he noticed that one of his little ones was meandering away from the pack, dancing and jumping around like it was possessed. Upon further inspection, he realised that the strangely-behaved goat had just eaten berries from a strange shrub which contained something called “caffeine”… and that’s how coffee was discovered. Not sure how they then managed to figure out how to extract the beans to produce that liquid gold though πŸ˜€@icesabre – 3 days now? Are you surviving? haha@chaoness – I have wide feet so I kinda knew that my shoes were going to stretch πŸ™ Duncan seems like a nice bloke but yeah, his class last night was a bit “meh.” I might not go to Brent’s class this Saturday but we’ll see…

  5. peach_water
    September 16, 2009

    @SNSAZN – OOOOO you’re a good story teller Libby! haha I wish I was back in Prep sitting with my legs crossed listening to stories. hahaha.Anyway.. I feel rather sick from my venti soy latte now πŸ™


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