Pho 888

552 Station Street
Box Hill 3128
+61 3 9890 1390

Thanks to Dave, I had a craving for pho on Sunday morning so Adam and I made our way to Station Street, Box Hill to eat at Pho 888. A simple-looking restaurant with a simple menu to boot, Pho 888 is exactly the type of non-descript pho restaurant one would find on Victoria Street, Richmond or Hopkins Street, Footscray. Whether the food tasted just as good as the stuff the better restaurants on said streets offered, however, would be a different story. After ordering drinks (three colour for Adam ($3) and a lemon soda for me ($3), our food arrived very quickly.

Vietnamese spring rolls … literally the size of a cigarette (10 for $7). Seriously, we had never seen spring rolls so skinny in our lives. Our eyes literally boggled when the plate was placed in front of us. Tastewise, they were pretty bland too. And they were also tight-arsey on the lettuce leaves too. Rather than receiving a generous handful of lettuce, we received exactly ten playing card sized pieces which I was none too pleased about as I do like to wrap my spring rolls in at least three pieces of lettuce. Not recommended.

Adam’s “special broken rice with combination” ($8.50) didn’t exactly fair much better. Not only was it a much blander version of its Footscray cousins, the sauce was way too sweet for my liking and the elements such as the pork chop and the egg just seemed a little… flat. At least the rice wasn’t as gluggy as the one we had at the nearby Indochine.

With two strikes against Pho 888, I was somewhat relieved to find that my sliced rare beef pho (small, $7.50) was actually alright. Although it wasn’t necessarily any better or worse than 95% of all the phos I’ve tried in my lifetime, I was satisfied. I guess the drawing card for me here would be that Pho 888 has a sizing system which enabled not-so-hungry people like me to go small for $7.50 while the iron stomachs could have a shot at the large bowl for $9.50 (medium bowls are $8.50). Oh, and while my bowl may have been the smallest, I was positively stuffed in the end.

In short, I would probably only go back for the pho if I happen to be in Box Hill and either only wanted a small bowl of pho or Tien Dat (the only semi-decent Vietnamese place in Box Hill, in my opinion) was absolutely full.

In other news:

-I finally tried my first pilates class this evening on the recommendation of Chao. I had just finished off a shocking Body Jam session so it was a good wind-down class which enabled me to stretch all various muscles that I never knew I had. Although I had a few problems with breathing correctly (or even breathing at all during various exercises), I know this will improve with time.

-Speaking of Body Jam, tonight’s class was only my second class and I swear, I was more unco in this class than the last. The bad thing about going to Jam is having to move and groove around people who move like they’ve been living in clubs all their lives. I think I’ve mentioned this before but seriously, my “dancing” style is best described as having two left feet in concrete shoes. Not a pretty sight .

-Those of you on my facebook list may have noticed that my status update yesterday mentioned that I had successfully cured my very first batch of olives. Two months ago, Adam presented to me a basket of olives from his olive tree which I then had to cure in brine for two months before they were ready for consumption (as you know, olives straight from the tree are extremely bitter). Unfortunately, I didn’t think about documenting the process in photos but that’s something that I’ll do next harvest. If anyone has any good recipes for olives, then please send them my way .

-A dismal round in footy tipping. I’m down to fifth place now (from third). One more round to go. Can I do well enough to place? I’m only one game point behind the top three tippers and the person in fourth place is ahead of me only in margin. The big question is: Essendon or Hawthorn? *furrows*

I eat too much.


  1. icesabre
    August 24, 2009

    I am tipping Hawthorn. But don’t listen to me.Hodge and Mitchell… they have too much pride and will want to get that 8th spot.Same here, I was surprised at the quality of the pho – NOT MESSED UP LIKE MEKONG ON SWANSTON ST!!!!!!=)How did Adam find his 3 colours? It was OK but STILL NOT GOOD ENOUGH – ice not fine enough.

  2. peach_water
    August 24, 2009

    Is pho 888 next door to that vege bakery place? if it is.. that used to be the place of my aunty’s restaurant LOL.And.. spring rolls without vietnamese herbs?! A viet would complain straight away! My aunty said she loved serving foreigners because they never know how to eat viet herbs hahaha.Awww boooo I need to meet you one day so I can be added on your facebook so I can get facebook status updates hahaha

  3. chaoness
    August 24, 2009

    I don’t understand why they’re so stingy with the lettuce. I get dirty looks when I ask for more. Pilates is good, I end up panting instead of using my “proper breathing technique”.Balance tomorrow?

    August 25, 2009

    @icesabre – But now that Franklin has been suspended…Adam said that his three colours was okay. Funny though, his didn’t have as much ice as yours!@peach_water – 888 is on the same side of Station St as Vegie Bakery but not next to it (it’s a few shops down from Sunny Court and directly opposite Canton Lake). I *think* there is another Viet restaurant next to Vegie Bakery called Saigon something-or-other though? And oh yes, their lack of Vietnamese verbs = tres disappointing.@chaoness – Haha yes, me too! I forgot to breathe for like, 30 seconds at one stage and kept exhaling when I was supposed to be inhaling and vice versa. No balance tonight because of overtime 🙁 I will be there on Thursday (apparently Brent is launching it with Inge) and MAYBE on Saturday though.

  5. chaoness
    August 25, 2009

    @SNSAZN – ?? Brent and Kirk tomorrow night at 6:30, Inge and Ashwin for Thurs. Brent’s launching again Saturday at Richmond 5pm. Wow. Must stop being hardcore gym lol

    August 25, 2009

    @chaoness – Inge told me that she was launching with Brent! Rarrrrr, so disappointed now 🙁 Never had Ashwin before…


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