Umi Cafe (CLOSED)

Shop 10, The Strand Arcade
10/250 Elizabeth St
Melbourne VIC 3000
+61 3 9662 3368‎

I spent quite a bit today. Probably more than I’ve ever spent in one day. Yep, my tax return cheque had finally cleared and what better way to reward myself for all my hard work this year than by spending it on some new toys (a brand spanking new Macbook Pro and  medium caviar Chanel 2.55 in black). In order to assuage my guilt, though, I decided to go thrifty for lunch. As you know, Adam used to work at the Strand Arcade on the corner of Lonsdale and Elizabeth St in the city but he doesn’t any more. In that same arcade stands a small cafe which sells a smogasbord of things, from pies to sandwiches to… yep, Japanese food. The owners of Umi Cafemay not have read the memo that states “too many items spoil the restaurant” but they do know that tight arses like me and Adam respond well to cheap food so we decided to give their Japanese offerings a go, which are only available on weekdays.

The Japanese dishes are represented by those plastic models that the Japs are famous for. All the options were cheap, with all bentos a measly $8 and one ramen dish for a paltry $6.50. I think the most expensive dish was the unagi don, at $11. In the end, both Adam and I chose bentos because their plastic representations looked nicer than the fugly brown rice and noodle dishes. Heh.

My ebi furai (fried prawn) bento. The four sushi pieces in the foreground is one sushi roll cut into four bits, the filling of which we got to choose from the glass cabinet at the front. I chose cooked tuna while Adam chose prawn. The sushi wasn’t really spectacular – I mean, ANYONE can make sushi rolls really – and frankly, neither was anything else. The fried prawns were fine on their own and even better with the mashed potato salad, but not so great with the mayonnaise that came with the prawns – too salty. Also way too salty was the spinach and sesame salad. As for the spaghetti and mixed herbs on top? I just didn’t see the point.

Adam’s karaage (fried chicken) bento. Same as the one I got, but with chicken. He also made a comment about how our food looked EXACTLY like their plastic versions on the shelf. Heh. Oh, halfway through our meal Aaron bumped into us on the way to the post office. He said something like “I saw a girl sitting in the window who looked like you, Libby, but I was like, ‘Libby wouldn’t eat at a proletariat place like that!'” Oh, Aaron, har-har-har .

Okay, so the meal was cheap so we can’t really whinge about it. I mean, you got what you paid for right? After all, most places charge way more than $8 for a bento box. We shrugged as we walked out and promised each other that we may be back to see what a $6.50 ramen would taste like. That was, until that annoying MSG tickling sensation down my throat started kicking in…

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  1. Oops. I think I short circuited my computer 😛 I need to get a new computer now. Damn it, I dont have enough reasons to justify for a new mac of some sort. Sigh :PAnyway, enjoy your beautiful new Chanel bag, and your macbook.One thing to remember is, after your initial charge, make sure you drain out the battery completely before recharging again. Do it a few times at the beginning and this will ensure longer lasting batteries 😀 And repeat this procedure every couple of months? 😀

  2. Whoa…a Mac?? If you’re techie enough…you can install windows on it and it won’t be any different from any other laptop besides it being a Mac. lol

  3. Very nice pics! Who did you buy from at Chanel? If you got Gordana she takes like 30 minutes to accordion pleat the tissue paper, it’s like hurry up and just give me my damn bag! Picsssss of the reissue. How do you feel after dropping almost $7k in a day? :P$8 bento sounds ok 😛

  4. @peach_water – Thanks for the tip Jan! Unfortunately, I didn’t drain it completely and just charged it up when it was just about empty, but I’ll remember to do what you say the next time around. Say, you seem to know a LOT about computers. Why didn’t you do an IT degree?!@fipar20 – Now, why on earth would ANYONE want to do THAT?!@chaoness – Yes! I believe I DID get Gordana, haha. No way I spent $7k! It was probably closer to six which is the most I’ve spent in one go but I’m not regretting it one bit. @Melbournechick – Still using my desktop PC though, which is still running XP 🙂

  5. @SNSAZN – No worries Libby 😀 It’s ok if you forget! I hardly drain mine out now! I get around 3 hours.. well that’s what the battery indicator says anyway…Hahaha that’s because I’m a geek 😛 My design degree was sort of IT related. I had to do programming and also had a subject where I had to take a computer apart and put it back together.I would like to keep my computer knowledge as it is. I hate programming! and I would like to stay away from Computer Sci/IT males 😉 they kinda scare me…

  6. @SNSAZN – That way you can brag to people that you have the best of both worlds…lol@peach_water – C’mon, not all IT guys are that bad. O_o Well to be honest, I’d rather stay away from Comp sci guys (males) too because they’re generally a little weird.

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