Dai Duong

5/64 Hopkins St
Footscray VIC 3011
+61 3 9689 9899

Adam’s dad turned another year older over the weekend. Well, actually his REAL birthday was way back in June but for some reason, he prefers to celebrate it on his “Chinese birthday” which is determined by the lunar calendar. He wanted yum cha, so Adam and I took the train all the way to Footscray straight after church on Sunday morning. Footscray, because Adam’s grandma (his dad’s mum) lives there and is too fragile to travel such long distances. The place we went to was called Dai Duong, located around the corner from the Franco Cozzo carpark. Stepping into the large restaurant, it was clear that it was run by Viets. Heck, if the name and the atmosphere didn’t give it away, at least the disco ball, the dance floor and half a dozen plasmas dangling from the ceilings did.

With the absence of Adam’s mum (who was up in Sydney for a wedding), the five of us (me, Ads, his dad, his grandma and his aunty Vivian), we shared a pleasant meal in somewhat shabby surroundings. The food itself was on par with the offerings at Fu Long in Box Hill and the prices rather standard, but the atmosphere was, how do you say it, “less refined” no thanks to the many tables of toothless bogans who actually skipped the yum cha offerings and ordered sizzling beef and cans of VB while they looked at us weird Asians eating ham sui gok and other “strange things” and – oh forget it, I don’t want to say any more… *bangs head repeatedly on desk*

Standard food offerings for dumplings were combined with a few unusual dishes, including two variations of prawn dumplings – one topped with flying fish roe (putting them on AFTER steaming them instead of before, would have prevented the roe from discolouring) and one that had green skin, the filling of which contained prawn and chives.

More standard yum cha dishes.

My fave yum cha dish apart from the har gow: zha liang. I was impressed with this version as the ja gwai sticks actually retained their crispiness and the fact that they actually came with greens. Thumbs down for only receiving six pieces though. Tight arses!

The total cost was approximately $150 for the five of us, which was pretty standard. In hindsight, however, I probably would not come back here again if it were up to me. While it wasn’t overly bad (apart from having to sit near bogans who smelt like piss), the food itself wasn’t enough to justify a trip to Footscray especially since there are 10 billion yum cha restaurants in Doncaster/Box Hill/Templestowe/Glen Waverley. Having said that though, Dai Duong is probably good if you live in the west and given that there are hardly any yum cha restaurants on that side of town, it would be best if you dined there rather than go all the way into the city. As long as you don’t mind bogans gawking at you while you’re eating.

In other news…

1. My workmate Bek told me that Chanel was going to open a store in Chadstone soon. I was surprised when she told me the news this morning because although Chadstone is said to be “the fashion capital”, I don’t particularly throw myself at it. While there are some nice shops inside the shopping centre, I think that it’s the most overrated thing in the world since the invention of Cadbury chocolate and I always tell people that I think Chadstone is “too zone two” for my liking. Oh well, I guess it’s better than opening one at say, Highpoint.

2. I bought a “Bettina Liano” black cotton skirt on eBay and when I opened up the package, I was surprised to receive something that suspiciously looked like something that WASN’T from Bettina Liano as it was made out of that cheap polyester-blend that tracksuit manufacturers use to make their garments. Upon further inspection, I found that the inner-side tag (the one which lists washing instructions) were in Japanese and that the Bettina Liano tag itself looked like it was carelessly sewn on. I’m in the process of writing a complaint to the seller who better explain herself or she will be in BIG TROUBLE.

I eat too much.


  1. icesabre
    August 4, 2009

    HUNGRY!!!!I love the roe topped ones. Problem is, they always put them on before steaming!BOOOOOOO!

  2. chaoness
    August 4, 2009

    I really don’t understand why Chanel would want to go to Chadstone. Hurry up and get your reissue already!

  3. peach_water
    August 4, 2009

    OOOOOOOOO those green siu mai’s looks really pretty!!!I wanna go yum cha 🙁 boo.

  4. princesstrang
    August 5, 2009

    if only i had money i would have that bag by now.oh well, sucks to be me!and its footz-crazy!  LOL i havent eaten in footscray in years now.. maybe cause im not too fond of the junkies and the place is just dirty.

    1. fuckgooks
      November 5, 2013

      dont sell herion and bring it here if you dont want junkies a few years now? what when the gooks were husting 13 year old kids free herion to get them adicted? these gooks the ones we changed our laws to come here and save when it wasnt even our stupid war? and you call us junkys? lol keep pushing gooks the shit will hit the fan one day and itll belike in flham in 98 when 60 vietnamese vs 10 aussies and the vietnamese jumped prison walls turns out the gooks were being racist? how could it be? haha

  5. I_Luv_Cocacola
    August 8, 2009

    I wouldn’t mind living in footscray tbh. Its got cheap food, its 10mins from the cbd, its cheaper for rent/housing than fitzroy/collingwood(my prefered home[and eventual goal for home ownership]) and highpoint is 5mins in the other direction. They are renovating the station and putting up apartment complexes there. If i had of had a deposit saved for a loan i would consider it. Also i would be able to catch up with all my old westside colleges i havent seen for many years.


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