Trippy Taco

48A Smith St
Collingwood VIC 3065
+61 3 9415 7711

After my exam yesterday, I decided to run a few errands around the city before deciding to have a late lunch at 2pm. Having walked from the city to East Melbourne, I figured that another stroll to Smith St for some cheap lunch grub wouldn’t hurt. The problem was that lunch hour was just about to wrap up and so my choices were limited. Not wanting to have Maccas for lunch, I decided to walk a bit further and check out a place that Aaron recommended the other week, Trippy Taco. It is a relative newcomer on Smith Street’s left-of-centre scene but it definitely draws punters in like wildfire. Another thing is that Trippy Taco only serves vegetarian dishes, something that would normally put me off visiting a restaurant but curiosity got the better of me and so I decided to see it for myself.

The self-confessed “Fresh Mex” (har-har) cafe was very small but what it lacked in size is definitely made up for in the brightly-painted walls and the flamboyant Israeli dude who was working there at the time.

I grabbed a table and sat there for a few minutes with my book while I waited for my food to arrive. It was the first time I’ve actually sat down at a restaurant/cafe on my lonesome for quite a while and the feeling doesn’t make me comfortable for some reason. I dunno what my problem is but I never really liked dining alone. Anyway.

My taquitos (which are $8.50, but I asked for soy cheese which was an extra 50 cents on top of that for a truly vegan experience). The spring-roll looking things you see on your left (I received three of them) are crispy fried home-made corn tortillas filled with some sort of mushy black bean filling. To be honest, the filling was a bit bland for my liking but props for the fact that the tortillas remained crispy even after being bogged down with fresh guacamole. On the right was a fresh salad, dressed with nothing more than a bit of lime and salsa. You can’t really see the cheese there because there was hardly any. I also couldn’t taste anything ‘cheesy’ while eating it which proves that soy cheese tastes just as boring as it sounds. In spite of what I’ve said, however, I thought my meal was pretty good. Sure, it wasn’t terribly tasty but it was clean, it was fresh and okay, let’s face it, it was good to eat Mexican food (or tex-mex, fresh-mex, whatever) that didn’t taste like anything you could easily whip up at home (I’m looking at you Panchos Cantina and Taco Bill). It may sound somewhat ironic but the result of the juxtaposition of contrasting bland (but fresh) flavours and textures made for a pretty satisfying meal. Weird. And trippy.

I will definitely return again to try their tacos or their huevos rancheros but if anything, at least this experience is proof that I can never go on a full-on vegetarian diet for the rest of my life…

I arrived back home at around 4pm yesterday, which is pretty early for me. I heard the sound of a wok hissing in the kitchen which signified to me that mum was home, getting dinner ready. Not wanting to risk her asking me how my exam went (I hate conversations about exams/school/marks with my parents), I locked the front door slowly to minimise noise and tip-toed to my room where I fell promptly asleep.

An hour later though, I felt something nudge my feet which made me scream in fear. Then I heard someone else screamed which made ME scream even louder. After gathering my senses, I realised that it was in fact my mum in my room. It turned out that she actually HEARD the door open and for some reason, thought it was an intruder. For some reason, she freaked out silently in the kitchen for an hour before deciding to look in all our rooms to see if the intruder was still there and when she came into MY room and saw a pair of bare feet dangling over my bed, she thought the intruder was asleep on my bed . Of course, I wasn’t happy about being awoken from my slumber but I was more amused at the fact that my mum WAITED an hour before doing something and the fact that she didn’t call my dad or even one of us kids (or as I would have done, ran out of the house). And I was even more amused that she actually THOUGHT that an intruder would actually fall asleep on my bed – I mean, seriously?! As I was sitting there laughing at her, she started muttering something about me never being home this early. It was like, pffft mum, I can’t come home before a certain time? ever?

Mothers .

I eat too much.


  1. peach_water
    June 23, 2009

    LMAO. Your mum is hilarious! LOL. sleeping in your bed? 😛 hahaha..

  2. fipar20
    June 23, 2009

    LOL @ the fact that your mum waited one whole hour before doing something. Maybe she suspected, in the back of her mind, that someone in the family came home extra early? =]

  3. icesabre
    June 23, 2009

    Yep. Mothers. Heh.

  4. gns_moments
    June 23, 2009

    lol i wonder if shes like some super hero when ur not there lol


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