Shine Cafe Bar & Lounge

74-76 Kingsway
Glen Waverley VIC 3150
+61 3 9561 9888

Lunch in Glen Waverley followed by Angels and Demons was on the cards for Ad Lib today. We had a “buy one main, get one free” voucher for Shine Cafe Bar & Lounge on Kingsway so we decided to give it a go. It was just after 1pm when we arrived to a VERY loud jazz band doing their thang by the front door. A quick survey of the restaurant showed that it was about 70% full but we were able to find a vacant booth in the middle of the dining room (I love cushy booths!). We noticed that it was rather dark inside, even though the sun was out. I think the owners wanted to make it “cool” to the young ones which I thought was a bit dumb because after all, it was only 1pm in GLEN WAVERLEY, ffs. Needless to say, reading the menu (and taking photos!) proved to be a bit of a task.

My crumbed calamari rings ($21.90) with a “botique” salad (nothing but a few greens, onions and tomatoes and Italian dressing) and shoestring fries. There was also a smidgen of tartare sauce in a scallop shell – I couldn’t decide whether to find that cute or just plain lame. I suppose my meal was okay but for $21.90, it felt a bit steep. The same meal would have only cost about $15 in Flinders Lane, I reckon.

Adam’s “Deeelicious lamb gyros” ($24.90) – no really, it actually says “deeelicious” on the menu. I thought my meal was just “meh,” but Adam’s was of suckage standard. The “wood-fired” pita bread was stale, the feta cheese in the Greek salad smelt like it was off and the lamb was overcooked and tired.

The total bill would have been $55.90 (including a glass of sav blanc for me and a short macc for Adam) but because my main was free, Adam only paid $34. We both agreed that while $55.90 was way too much for food of this standard, $34 was still too expensive. Bleh food, instrusive jazz music, a dark dining room. I suppose the service wasn’t TOO bad except for the fact that our waters (which we asked for prior to ordering) never did arrive. Sigh. I guess it was good to go to Glen Waverley to try non-Asian food but looking back, I would have rather much have dumplings next door for less than $20!

“So that’s where Shine Cafe Bar & Lounge have been storing the feta cheese…”

Angels and Demons. Yeah, I’ve always thought that this book would make a better movie than The Da Vinci Code and after watching it today, I was pleasantly surprised. Okay, so it’s not going to win any Oscars but it wasn’t as bad as I thought. Sure, I hated that one minute, they’re running around Rome and the next minute, Tom Hanks is reciting the history behind every stupid statute. While all the facts and stories sound interesting on paper, it just sounds dull and disjointed on screen.

On the other hand, I liked that the script was tighter than TDVC and I liked seeing Ayelet Zurer as Vittoria Vetra. She may not be the hottest brunette in the world but she has this earthy beauty that I admire. I was also glad that she and Tom Hanks, whom I will never EVER accept as Robert Langdon, did not have a romantic relationship in the film because clearly there was no chemistry between them. To have her kiss Tom-as-Robert would just be forced and soo ewwww (I mean, really, who in their right mind would kiss Tom Hanks?). I would probably only recommend you watch this movie if you’ve read the book because it does get confusing especially to those who have no idea what the story is about… though on second thoughts, Adam never read the book but he seemed engrossed in the movie the whole time so I guess it couldn’t have been THAT bad .

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  1. @peach_water – Oh, I liked Tom Hanks in other roles (Forrest Gump, The Green Mile, Philadelphia to name a few) but he was always the wrong choice for TDVC and AAD, in my opinion…And I think he should be banned from doing rom-coms too, haha.

  2. i love blufish too…but it’s the Chicken Burger I like not their fish n chips! hahaha love the way tom shows us where shine cafe store their feta cheese! XD

  3. the only thing i used to like at shine is that jambalaya!! But they have taken it off the menu 🙁 so i have no reason to go anymore! i’m looking forward to see Angels and Demons seeing the book is my favourite out of all the Dan Brown stuff. I really didn’t like Da Vinci Code the movie though.

  4. The calamari rings there looked rather standard and is rather expensive as well. =SAngels and Demons wasn’t too bad, and I haven’t read the book either. I also agree in regards to Tom Hanks not suiting the part for both TDVC and AAD. Maybe George Clooney may fit the bill…lol

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