JG Dumplings

78 Kings Way
Glen Waverley VIC 3150
+61 3 9561 8113

So I finally went to that dumpling place in Glen Waverley that Dave‘s been telling me about. It’s called JG Dumpling Restaurant and you can find it in Kings Way a short walk from that other dumpling place, Bob’s Kitchen. Adam and I were starving one afternoon and so we decided to have a quick snack there at around 5pm where the place was practically empty apart from two or three full tables. We were only after a plate of greasy fried pork dumplings ($8.50 for a plate of 15) but we were told that there was a minimum charge of $5 per head. Slightly annoying but from a business perspective, quite understandable… I mean, I wouldn’t waste my time serving a couple of snotty Asians for $8.50 and no tip, right? Anyway, we were going to go for a serving of spring onion pancake ($3.00) but in the end, we opted for a basket of steamed vegetarian buns (4 for $5.00).

It took them a good 20 minutes to arrive (empty dining room, plenty of staff on the floor and in the semi-open kitchen… so why?!) but damn, they were good! Okay, so a little bit on the “too oily” side but they were hot, they were crispy and you could actually taste all of the green stuff amidst the pork…. the ginger, the spring onion, the coriander. Each dumpling was fragrant and full of taste. Delish!

Our steamed buns arrived 10 minutes afterwards, looking very much like a batch of freshly-laid eggs (sorry, I’ve eaten way too many eggs this week, both real ones and chocolate ones).

But what’s this I see?! Those fecks gave us RED BEAN ones instead of the VEGETARIAN ones we asked for! And yes, I did state clearly that we wanted VEGETARIAN BUNS while pointing to the menu with my finger (as I do at most Asian places) *headdesk* Never mind though… the buns actually weren’t that bad, they just weren’t what I ordered!

The dumplings were good (not the best, but still yummy nevertheless), the prices were decent, but the service SUCKED! I’d definitely go here again though because it’s just down the road from church and oh boy, those dumplings… Thanks for the tip, Dave!

Steering off topic now… it’s time for a haircut. My hair’s become wild and gross and my fringe has disappeared to the side. I’m going to bring it back again and just trim an inch or so off, while going for a sleeker style. I’ve heard some great things about Rokk Ebony (possibly next Tuesday, after class), has anyone been and what did you think of the place?

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  1. Haha we were going to try it out on Monday but decided Glenny was too far from us. Do they have xiao long baos??? I don’t normally order fried dumplings – don’t like the grease.. but we’ll give it a try perhaps this weekend!

  2. I’m too lazy to travel all the way to Glenny! Perhaps one day if I am bothered haha.Now.. will the standards stay the same next time you go? considering the dumpling conspiracy? ahah

  3. I hate waiting for food, especially when there’s no one else… it’s like what… are you looking for my pig?
    I’ll give you one of the Rokk Ebony referral cards if you want, from memory its $25 off. Highly recommend Joey from South Yarra, been doing my hair for years. 🙂

  4. i used to go to rokk ebony on toorak rd opp south yarra station.i liked it a lot but it eventually got too expensive for a poor uni student @$50 a mens cut.

  5. I love dumplings there!
    I used to be a regular at Rokk Ebony Glen Waverly; and I got to admit that the service is great if you’re paying for the top stylists (around 100-120ish) for a haircut and (200+) for color and highlights. That was two years back though so prices may have changed. Joey Scandizzo has won a lot of awards; and he’s pretty good. Frank is a bit punky/kooky and I used to get my hair cut by him; he really listens to what you want; and doesn’t leave you u dissatisfied with your cut.. The rest of them aren’t that great/worth the money really.. I think Rokk Eb is good when you want that punky-out-there kinda hair and color is always needed to enhance the cut so it can be very expensive!
    Love your posts as usual, have a good weekend!

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