Dong Ba

133 Hopkins St
Footscray VIC 3011
+61 3 9689 4392

Adam and I took his parents for breakfast-slash-lunch in Footscray today. Keen to try some supposedly awesome bun bo hue (awesome, according to both Adam and Martin), we decided to go to Dong Ba on Hopkins Street. It’s a nondescript restaurant that doesn’t have an extensive menu but if there is one thing that sends people over there in droves, it’s their bun bo hue. Because I had not had anything to eat prior to coming into Footscray, I didn’t want to upset my stomach by slurping on all that chilli and spices so I requested my broth to be a little bit mild while the others went for the standard fiery soup (not Adam, he decided to be weird by ordering Hainanese chicken – wtf?!).

This is Dong Ba’s medium sized BBH at $8.50 (they have small ones at $7.50 and large ones at $9.50. I would suggest going the small because I had a hard time finishing off my medium one!). Well, what can I say? This BBH ROCKED! Everything was right with this tasty bowl of soup and slippery thick vermicelli noodles – the easy partnership the lemongrass had with each of the little but not unimportant players such as the fish sauce, the chilli oil, the shrimp paste, the pork knuckle and all the fresh herbs that mingled with the sliced beef brisket and tendons, chicken pieces and sliced pork ham (and in case you’re wondering, yes, there was a chunk of pig’s blood but I refuse to eat that stuff so I gave it to Adam’s mum, haha!). Dare I say that it was just as good, if not even better than the one at Nam Giao (sorry Jen!). And while it was a bit of a challenge finishing off everything, I did manage to drain everything out of my bowl right down to the last drop. Mmm. Satisfaction.

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  1. @icesabre –  I’m hungry and I wanna Bun Bo Hue nooooooooooooooooooow!Geez Lib, what’s with the acronyms now? BBH? Sounds like you’re ready to join my organisation :PI had BX last night as well but my batteries for the camera died booooo!! (Vietnamese Crepes)

  2. oh shit that looks damn good.. the man refuses to bring me to footscray coz he thinks im going to get beaten up… wtf.. and today he confiscated my chocolate egg coz im meant to be on a diet.. sigh… wound up having vegetable soup for dinner.. v.dpressing… so now that ive seen that photo, im hungrier then ever.

  3. OMG Libz! The BBH looks good! Next time I go to Footscray, ill have that! Oh.. I remember learning about how to interpret legislation. I was falling asleep during that lecture. Haha@tickledpinks_pulitzer – Your boy is so mean 🙁 I would give u a very small chocolate egg coz it has less calories and i’ll be your body guard if you want to go to Footscray! HAhah But then again.. I’m scared of gangstas. 😛

  4. @NeverBeBeat – That’s because you’ve never been to Melbourne! May I ask which part of CA you are from?@icesabre – Why the acronyms? I am Indonesian, after all! (Indonesians have a weird obsession with acronyms). How were the crepes by the way?@tickledpinks_pulitzer – Haha I understand your man’s fears. Even after going to Footscray many a times, I’m still sht-scared to venture out there on my own, so much that I insist that my bf meets me at the train station each time so that I don’t have to walk down the streets alone. Even then, the short train trip from the city is enough to still give me the freakies because there are heaps of odd bots on the same train as me! And I would chop my bf up into pieces if he took away all my Easter eggs. He totally knows that, which is why I still have a box of chocolates somewhere as well as a few little eggs and a bunnie. Heh.@gNAuQ – Nice one. Apparently there is also another BBH joint closer to where you live? I can’t remember the name of it though…@peach_water – Hey Jan, can I ask what law subjects you have done? You seem to know quite a bit!

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