Beetroot (CLOSED)

123 Hardware Street
Melbourne VIC 3000
+61 3 9600 0695

I sat for another test today, this time for Intro to Legal Reasoning. Fortunately, I could honestly say that this test was much kinder to my brain than last week’s disaster of a test. Once my test was done and dusted, I went all the way back into the city to run some errands before deciding to buy some lunch for myself and Adam. After a quick consultation of this year’s Cheap Eats Guide, I ended up walking up Lt Lonsdale St and turning left into Hardware Street (note: Not Lane) at a cafe called Beetroot. A small hole that is dotted with photos and postcard and filled with cheerful staff,  I felt like I had stepped into someone’s home. Having arrived just after 1pm, every single table was full in the tiny cafe was full and so I had to stand awkwardly to the side as my tattooed server was warming up my meals which were sitting in a sunny glass cabinet. Though most of the goodies on offer were $10 meals (you get a hot dish plus a small serving of salad), there are also sandwiches for $6-9. After a 5 minute wait, I received a bag which contained my hot dishes and two small containers of salad. And off I went to meet up with Adam for lunch.

Some notes, before I go on about the food:

1. I had originally thought that Adam’s lunch break was at 1:30pm so I timed my visit to Beetroot to ensure that I would arrive at Adam’s work by 1:25pm (I did). It was only later on did I find out that he wasn’t due for lunch until 2pm no thanks to Jase’s rostering skillz. Boo hiss, Jason sucks! Hence, the food sat in plastic containers for another half an hour which made it not exactly optimal to eat.
2. The lights at Adam’s work suck, so my food doesn’t look as pretty as it would have been under natural lighting at Beetroot. And had it been served on a plate too.
3. Extending on point 2, I was actually tempted to sit on a table when I was at Beetroot and enjoy some solo time on one of their wooden tables. But I love Adam too much to NOT bring him lunch. Sigh.
4. I am cool.

Adam’s chorizo and spinach burrito ($10) which came with a dollop* of sour cream. It was definitely quite filling and tasty – sorta like a midler version of chilli corn carne. I did feel that the tomatoe-y sauce was a bit too overpowering and because of that, I couldn’t really taste the chorizo. Hell, they could have put standard pork sausages in there and I wouldn’t know.*Okay fine, it was more than a mere “dollop.” You will be glad to know, though, that much of the sour cream remained untouched…

My lamb burek (also $10) which was originally about half a metre long, but was cut up into three pieces and covered in a little spicy tomato and cumin sauce. I liked this one better (though Adam disagreed – he liked the first one). While not as tasty as the bureks you can get further up north (and certainly not as cheap), it did it for me. Even though the pastry had been sitting in a stuffy plastic container for half an hour, it somehow retained its crispiness.

Our green salads which consisted of fresh rocket leaves, red lettuce, red onions and capsicums. All served with a little bit of ranch dressing. I need to also point out that between me and Adam, only one tub of salad was consumed (yes, we were that full).

With meals topping only $10, I believe that this place is definitely a steal. While Beetroot are certainly not going to rock the world, I certainly expected much less for what I paid. They also do some nice-looking pies which are almost as big as Sherrin footballs (aptly named the “Hunter pie”) as well as a risotto rice cake in the shape of a small bowl which are good reasons for me to come back. Additionally, they supposedly make excellent coffee and do a mean bircher muesli so I might be back here for breakfast very soon! Turns out that they are no longer open for business *sniff* but fear not, the owners are supposedly opening another cafe soon!

I eat too much.


  1. peach_water
    April 7, 2009

    I’m really hungry now Libby!I love salad! Maybe I’ll go visit Beet for some salad! 😀

  2. jtngu8
    April 7, 2009

    That burrito looks to die for. It’s actually reminescent of the gorgeous food at Cafe Beezlebub. Still waiting for a review for that one, Lib! 😛

  3. I_Luv_Cocacola
    April 8, 2009

    That looks like the bombI am going to have to go there soon


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