Concorde Creperie

Outside GPO Building
Cnr Elizabeth St and Little Bourke St
Melbourne VIC 3000
+61 3 9663 0066

Despite the fact that it isn’t an architectural masterpiece (oh I wish that Melbourne Uni still offered the LLB) and despite the fact that it often smells of mildew, it’s a pretty good law library. The problem, however, is that Clayton is a bitch to get to if you don’t have a car. The travel time on weekdays is long enough (an hour and a half on a GOOD run) but the fact that buses come less frequently on Saturdays mean that it would take me much much longer to go to campus. And given that I’ve promised myself NOT to buy textbooks for university and instead, rely on the books in the library, this presented a bit of a problem for me. Especially come test time.

My solution was to apply for a CAVAL card at another university. Those of you who are students at most of the big universities in Victoria may be aware of this cardboard card that you can apply for at your home university which lets you borrow books from other universities free of charge. Of course, there are limited privileges in that you can’t borrow from the reserve section of some libraries and that you are only allowed to borrow a certain amount of items at any given time, for instance, but for the most part it’s definitely a useful tool. Given that I spend most of my days in the city, I figured that going to either the Melbourne Uni Law Library or the RMIT Business Library to study would be a much better idea that spending most of my day commuting to Clayton (and besides, what the eff is there to eat at Clayton anyway?!).

Last week I was at Melbourne Uni, which boasts an awesome modern-looking law library but the problem there is that it’s too bloody quiet and every little scuffle could be heard by everyone on the floor. Plus, most of the books I want are in the reserve section which only Melbourne Uni students can borrow from so everyone else is stuck with all the dribs and drabs such as editions from the 1980s. This morning, though, I decided to go to RMIT Business Library where they also have a decent collection of law books for masters students (which Adam reckons that no one would use because no one does Masters in Law at RMIT anyway, so I have a better chance of grabbing the books I want). The first few hour of studying went quite well but after a while, all these effing fobs started coming in and before long, the whole floor was full of “er er er er shi shi shi” chit-chatter. I didn’t have my iPod to drown out their talking so I ended up borrowing a few books and leaving. Upon arriving home, I saw that there were a few loose papers in between the pages of one of the books. The first page had a list of legal terms in English and the corresponding Korean translation next to the word. The next sheet of paper, though, had a list of terms that had nothing to do with law but of wtf things:

It’s not clear in the photo but the first English phrase says “Blow her up.” Hmmm, methinks that this student doesn’t mind a bit of freakeh seks…

So yes, I want to now use this opportunity to apologise to my home law library for two-timing it, for abandoning it for its much spunkier mates, the Melb Uni and the RMIT library. But really, it’s not my fault that Clayton is so dull and out of the way!


Okay, back to the food bit! (ramble, much?)

Lunch at Concorde Creperie

Of course I had to eat sometime during the day so Adam and I ended up on the corner of Lt Bourke and Elizabeth Street where a small cart was selling crepes (right next to the Ben Sherman store at the GPO). I’ve noticed that a lot of creperies are mushrooming their way around Melbourne… AIX Creperie on Flinders La (I went there last year but never got around to writing a review and because it was so long ago, I couldn’t remember anything about it except that it didn’t suck. I promise to go there again sometime and write a proper review!), Le Triskel on Hardware Lane and even those Asian ones all over town. Concorde Creperie has probably been around longer than Le Triskel has but it was the first time I’ve paid any attention to it.

Adam’s proscuitto, grilled asparagus, parmesan, rocket leaf and lemon crepe ($9.50).

My Swiss brown mushroom, thyme, spinach and 3 cheese crepe (also $9.50). The 3 cheeses (yes, three!) I could taste were jarlsberg, ricotta and mozzarella. Obviously a big no-no for someone who is trying hard* to get “fitter” and “leaner” but it was oooh so bloody good!

*but not hard enough, I guess


Both our crepes were delicious and filling, which was perfect for a mid-Autumn afternoon. They are certainly very different to what Le Triskel offers in that the crepes here are more like the soft pancakes that we all know and love rather than those crispy galettes, there is more variety and they are a fraction cheaper. Remember what I said about not being able to remember what AIX Creperie’s crepes taste like? Well, as I was chewing on my mushrooms, I had this feeling that I had eaten a crepe that tasted strangely similar to what I was eating. Which was impossible because I had never eaten here before. After doing a bit of research though, I found out that Concorde Creperie was the product of the same dude who set up AIX Creperie. No wonder. Because the crepes were so delicious, Adam and I decided that we could easily come here again because it’s so close to his work. I also have the option of grabbing a crepe with free range eggs for breakfast (prices start at $7.90 for the breakfast ones) or go for one of the sweet ones when I want a sugar hit (prices are between $5.90 to $8.50). The most important question, however, remains: Will their peking duck crepe ($12.90) give Flower Drum’s or even Old Kingdom’s a run for their money?

I eat too much.


  1. peach_water
    April 4, 2009

    LMAO at the photo.OMG. Libby you study at Business Library.. sigh. That library sucks honestly. I cant even find a decent place to study there. Coz.. you’re right.. too many fobs. I just study in the computer lab on level 3.To be quite honest, I rather study at the law lib in melb uni, coz.. I like.. really really quiet places. And.. yep. I have a CAVAL card too. i hate teh limitations though 🙁

  2. chaoness
    April 5, 2009

    Those crepes look soooo good! Now I wish I hadn’t scoffed two picnic bars. 🙁

  3. majesticangel
    April 5, 2009

    blow her up HAHA

    April 7, 2009

    @peach_water – Are you talking about the black of computers by the entrance? I find that space to be a bit more quieter than the tables further into the library but could it be because perhaps it’s right next to the loans desk? Heh. It’s a shame I don’t have access to the RMIT computers though, otherwise I would too be studying at a computer… (assuming, of course, that RMIT computers all have restricted net access to prevent students from logging onto facebook and the like).I like the law library at Melb Uni too, but sometimes it’s a bit TOO quiet for me!

  5. peach_water
    April 7, 2009

    @SNSAZN – Nah, I’m talking about the computers on Level 3. You know when you just enter into the business building, there’s an escalator? Well there are computer labs there – postgrad lab and undergrad labs. But.. undergrads always goes to the postgrad labs! Plus, they are open during weekends.The library recently upgraded their computers to widescreen monitors, but I’m not sure if they upgraded the system, because last time I logged on, it took 10 minutes to load into windows, so I haven’t been back since.If you’re trying to find a good place to study, walk to the very end of the aisle where the books are, and turn right. That place is pretty quiet! Plus it’s quite close to all the law books!Yeah, unfortunately you cant get access to the RMIT computers, because they are awesome!(if they load that is), unrestricted access to facebook, hotmail and gmail (they used to block hotmail & gmail, but unblocked it last year). However they’ve blocked all the downloading sites like megaupload etc – haha I think it was my fault, because I was downnloading heaps of asian drama. haha.Oh with the law lib at Melb Uni, I think it’s level 3 where people are allowed to talk. But level 5 upwards are freaky quiet!


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