Shark Fin House

131 Little Bourke St
Melbourne VIC 3000
+61 3 9663 1555

Soooo Adam’s sister, Jenny, is in Melbourne for the next couple of weeks. Today is Sunday and usually Sunday is yum cha day for Adam’s family. They used to do it every Sunday but this has become less frequent as time goes by. Still, we do try and get together for yum cha when we can, especially on special occasions such as today (Jen’s visit). We decided to go to Shark Fin House in the city because it was easier for everyone. Having not been there in a long time, I felt a bit overwhelmed at the new mezzanine level they had put there (or has it been there the whole time? I didn’t remember seeing it last time) and seeing weird and wonderful new dishes such as fish fillets wrapped in seaweed and deep-fried in batter (?!?!) made me a little perplexed but it was good to see tried and tested yum cha staples such as har gows done as good as they get (though they must’ve went through the drier because they were so effing small!).

Alongside the usual suspects, we ordered dishes such as a pot of sauteed pipis in XO sauce which I had never seen before served at yum cha but they were very nice indeed.
Obligatory family shot (minus Aunty Vivian who was taking the photo) L-R: Adam, Adam’s grandma, Adam’s dad, Adam’s mum, Jen and me. I loved how Adam deliberately set out to wreck the photo (granted, it is something that I would normally do so I guess I shouldn’t be telling him off… heh .)

I don’t want to rain on the happy parade, yet I don’t want to close this entry without mentioning something that I saw in the city today which made me upset. As Jen, Adam and I were walking towards Swanston St, we saw a girl (about 10) and her dad sitting on one of those pillars that support the Chinatown gates (this one was on the corner of Russell and Little Bourke). Next to the girl was a laundry basket and about two or three puppies in it, all snug and asleep. The man was shouting out “PUPPIES FOR SALE” and while I only got a mere glimpse of the whole operation, it left a huge imprint in my mind for the rest of the afternoon. For some reason, the thought of a girl and a man selling puppies just like that really disturbed me. Were they really in desperate need of money that they were willing to sell their dogs (that weren’t puppies as they were too big to be puppies)? Were they running some dodgy backyard operation for the pursuit of money over their animals’ welfare? What will happen to the poor doggies? I got distressed to the point where I stopped talking to Adam and Jen while walking, and started crying when we were at ANZ sorting out some issues that Jen had with her account. I just hope that either the puppies went to a good home (though why anyone would buy a puppy off the street is a mystery) or that the man and the daughter treat them decently should they have no luck in selling them…

I eat too much.


  1. icesabre
    March 22, 2009

    So not a big fan of Pipi(s)/Pippees/whatever! But my parents love that stuff hrmmmph.

    Speaking of which, I haven’t had Yum Cha in over a month… Fu Long!

  2. tHaoz_FAT
    March 22, 2009

    hi libby..the end of ur entry made me a little sad as it did to u!

    i too hope those puppies in the end are all safe and sound.

  3. I_Luv_Cocacola
    March 22, 2009

    Maybe its the seceret dog meat market ala bali where they have dog resteraunts.
    They have spent forever renovating that place so it should be good in the new part.
    When are you going to post about the coffee thingy ma jig.
    P.S I hope jenny wasnt refering to cathy when she mentioned mainlanders. :S

  4. gNAuQ
    March 22, 2009

    i never knew yo could get pippi’s at yum cha?

    and for some reason, looking at the yum dish reminded me of supper inn, hahah

    March 23, 2009

    @I_Luv_Cocacola – 

    Wrote it up in between doing work-related stuff at work today. I knew it was going to be a long one so I deliberately put it off for when I had more time to write it up. My weekend just didn’t have enough hours in it!

  6. KeLlY_Siew
    March 24, 2009

    MmmMmm haven’t been to Yum Cha for ages!

    I just bought a bunch of stuff from Everyday minerals. Liking them so far!!! The mineral foundation is awesome! I might get the eyeshadows too next time.


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