Foodie questionnaire

I got tagged by vamp168 to do this questionnaire about food. And given that I don’t have anything exciting to write about on xanga (you can tell that I’m on a dry spell when it’s been three days since my last update, huh?), here goes:

1. What’s your #1 comfort food? 

A hot bowl of beef lasagne, fresh from the oven. With creamy bechamel sauce, no compromise. 

2. If you were on a deserted island, what one food would you want to have with you?  
I would say something like “mangoes” or “apples” but for some reason, I always assume that desert islands have heaps of fruit-bearing trees and lots of little fishies for us to catch sooooo…. probably something filling like Turkish bread.

3. What is/are your signature dishes? (What dishes are you ‘known’ for ? ) 
I’m not a good enough cook to have a signature dish just yet. I do, however, like to bring in a cold sesame soba noodle salad for lunch when the weather is warm which people seem to like (my workmates, Adam, Cathy and even my mum). The original recipe is from a Nigella Lawson book but I have tweaked it by adding a few more ingredients to make it a little bit more tasty.   4. It’s Friday night, you don’t know what to cook. You opt for…
The thing about living in my house is that mum will usually cook dinner so that there is always something on the table when we get home, hahaha!  But if I feel like staying back in the city after work for whatever reason, I’m more than likely to feel like eating at a bar-slash-restaurant because Friday nights are usually for drinking (sensibly, of course)… so Gingerboy, Cumulus Inc (arguably better for weekend brunches but whatever), Maha etc… those sorts of places.

5. What’s your biggest weakness when it comes to food?
 Pasta, any sort (but not gnocchi). And prawns.

6. What food can you absolutely not eat?
 I’m generally open to trying anything at least once, but there are some foods that I absolutely refuse to eat either a) because they taste awful (brussel sprouts, chicken feet – it’s not so much the taste but the texture I can’t stand), b) because the thought of trying those foods makes me feel ill (pig’s blood jelly)

or c) because I reckon it’s just wrong (dog, animals that are still alive and squirming – little fishies and the like).7. You need a drink. You grab a…
 I’m pretty boring when it comes to alcoholic beverages and wouldn’t know the difference between a Pinot Grigot and a Pinot Gris (I’m guessing they’re the same thing, but who knows…). I generally prefer light and clean beers such as Asahi or pale ales as opposed to stronger drinks and when I feel like a girlie drink, I’ll have a cocktail that’s light and fruity. Most of the time though, a lemon squash is what I normally have with my meal. 

8. What’s the most decadent dish you’ve had?
My main at Scusami is a dish that sounds decadent on paper. It was called “Medaglioni di Manzo” and it was wagyu beef steak (served med-rare) served on top of some wild mushrooms and accompanied by a Jerusalem artichoke skin filled with

chopped artichoke, black truffles and foie gras while the rest of the artichoke was pureed into a smooth white cloud foam. It wasn’t as good as it sounded though. And not worth the $50 or so I paid for it. Booo. Decadent does not always = fantastic.

9. What’s your favorite type of food?
That’s a hard question – even more difficult than the last essay question in my Adv. HRM exam. I like anything from Chinese to Italian, from Greek to Vietnamese. I guess it depends on what I feel like at the time.
10. Favorite dish?
Again another hard question, I can probably give you my top 50 but even filling that list would be a struggle.

11. If your partner could take you to any restaurant you wanted, which one would it be?
Sounds a bit corny but I don’t really care where Adam takes me, whether it be a three-hatted restaurant or a pho joint in Footscray,

as long as it’s with him (now everyone say “awwwwwwwwwww!”). Having said that though, extra points for him if he takes me to a restaurant with at least one hat, bwah! Apparently he’s booking ROCKPOOL for my birthday this year so he’s in my good books!12. Are you a soup or salad person?
I love both but I guess I would pick salad over soup. These days, salad doesn’t just consist of soggy lettuce leaves, limp carrot sticks and wrinkly tomato pieces; people are becoming more creative with salads and anything goes – lamb, chicken, noodles, all sorts of exotic spices, pastas, grains, rice. They’re my top choice for lunch and much more versatile than soups.

13. Buffet, take-out or sit-down restaurant?
I have to agree with vamp168, definitely a sit-down restaurant.

14. What’s the most impressive dinner you’ve ever made?
Ironically, one of my first attempts at cooking (early 2008). New Years Day and I decided to cook up a feast for my family, Josh’s family, Aaron and Adam. Coconut prawns (fried), prawn and chicken dumplings, spring onion pancakes, fu yong hai, and a whole bunch of other stuff. The menu wasn’t well-planned nor did it have a specific theme (it was just like “cook whatever you want”) nor was the food even that exciting but everyone was impressed because before then, all I could cook was 2 min noodles. Since then, I’ve experimented even further with more complicated dishes and have held dinners to a slightly smaller scale but it’ll be a while before I can whip up a 5-course dinner party reminiscent of Teage Ezard’s repertoire (maybe in 10 years time).

15. Do you consider yourself a good cook?
No, but I’m consistently learning. And will still be even after I’ve become somewhat competent.

16. Do you know what vichyssoise is?
A French soup made with vegetables, the dominant ingredients being potato and leek. Never had it though.

17. Who’s your favorite TV cook ?
A toss-up between Karen Martini, Nigella Lawson and George Calombaris.

18. Can you name at least three TV cooking personalities?
I just named three in #17! But just to make me sound like I TOTALLY know what’s happenin’ in the TV cooking world, I’ll name three more:
Jamie Oliver, Mario Batali (been watching a bit too much Iron Chef America) and Kylie Kwong.

19. Homemade or homemade from a box?
Home-made, obviously. Me and mum tried to make yellow rice using the packet from Laguna Supermarket because we couldn’t be bothered cooking it from scratch. What a disaster. We had to add 10 billion other ingredients (bay leaves, lemon grass roots, REAL coconut milk etc) on top of the unidentifiable powders in the sachet just so we can mask the horrible smell/taste. Sigh. Had we known that the packet ingredients were going to be so bad, we would’ve made the whole thing from scratch to begin with.

20. Name 3 or more other foodies you are going to tag.
Sadly, there aren’t many foodies on xanga (particularly Melbourne ones) so this is though, but I’ll tag: Kelly, Jan and Dave. But anyone is free to fill it in if they so wish to. Heeeeh.
Let her eat cake!
I eat too much.


  1. peach_water
    February 6, 2009

    Thanks for tagging me Libby! Now I have something to fill my blog up 😀
    What cake is that btw? Is it a banana cake? I’m craving for one atm!

    Yellow Rice? What sorta rice is that and what do you eat it with? It reminds me of the yellow rice i get from eating Hainanese Chicken with rice!

  2. vamp168
    February 6, 2009

    The menu items on # 14 are simply mouth-watering !!!
    Is this Neil Perry’s Rockpool in Sydney or is there one in Melbourne ? The bf is sure gonna get on the good books !
    Btw thx for the plug … cheers !

  3. NeverBeBeat
    February 6, 2009

    fatty fatty fatfat

    February 9, 2009

    @peach_water – 

    Banana cake (we had all these ripe bananas that were starting to turn brown all over so we quickly mashed them up and made cake with them).

    Sorry, I probably should have been a bit more specific. In Indonesia, we call it “nasi kuning” which literally means yellow rice, but it doesn’t really tell you much doesn’t it? It’s basically rice that’s flavoured with coconut milk and tumeric (wihch gives it that lovely yellow colour), and naturally there are a handful of other ingredients that go into it, bay leaves, lemon grass, and the like. It’s only really eaten on special occasions and served with an assortment of other Indonesian dishes such as fried chicken, potato patties (a Dutch-influenced snack that Indonesians claim as their own) and all sorts of other stuff.

    @vamp168 – 

    The one in Melbourne!


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