Curve @ Vibe Savoy Hotel

630 Little Collins Street
Melbourne VIC 3000
+61 3 9622 8888

Last Friday was our team Christmas lunch, held at Curve Restaurant & Bar at the VIBE Savoy Hotel on Little Collins Street. I probably should’ve blogged about it before my Bamboo House entry but sadly, the food was that forgettable that I couldn’t really muster up the enthusiasm to blog about it. Plus, I didn’t take any photos because I couldn’t find my battery recharger the night before the lunch and so my camera was out of action for the day (you should’ve seen me that night, running around my room like the Tassie Devil from the cartoon series and kicking up a storm after failing to find the charger at 2am in the morning ). Not that the food was worth taking photos of anyway.

So anyway, it was a buffet lunch which cost $44.50 per head, half of which the company paid for and half of which we had to fork out money for which I wasn’t all too happy about (spending my own money for a lunch that most other companies shout for, that is) but I could understand how the company may look to outsiders if managers are seen to be spending too much money on frivolous things such as team lunches and the like. The food was arranged in one square table, which wrapped itself around a large pillar in the middle of a rather plush dining room. There was also another little table for desserts (Christmas puddings, mince pies and tarts amongst pieces of fruit) and another table for two different types of soup.

What particularly amazed me was the severe lack of variety the joint had. There was literally half the amount of food that places such as New Quay had, and New Quay only charged $25 for lunch during the week. The limited range of food would’ve been okay had everything tasted okay but sadly, this was not the case. Everything was either 1) too salty or 2) too bland. The turkey was so salty that I couldn’t help but wonder they added all that excessive salt to mask any bad odours that may have emancipated after sitting in the buffet table for two weeks (it was also dry). The fried fish (Foodstar quality) were also too salty and I kept asking myself if it really was necessary for them to put all that salt on the fish when each table had its own salt shakers anyway, so that we can adjust how much salt we wanted. The only pasta dish they offered was one consisting of spiral pasta in a Neapolitan sauce which lacked any flavour whatsoever. Apparently, the chef(sic) must’ve thought that by simply dousing the pasta in Homebrand tomato paste, us peons would be fooled into thinking that this was a legitimate “pasta” dish. Boo.

The funniest thing was that my workmate, Robert reckons the best bit about the whole lunch was the coffee they served. I say funny because they served us DRIP FILTER coffees (you know, the ones they serve at American diners in Nowhereville and the ones you get with your McMuffin meal at Maccas (c’mon, Maccas coffee at a supposed “fine dining establishment?!?!”)). How drip filter coffee can taste so good is beyond me – and the fact that the coffee orderers dumped 10 billion spoons of sugar into their coffees could only suggest that the coffee was sheissenhausen too. Despite several peoples’ whinging about the food (including yours truly), however, everyone else seemed to think that it was ‘lovely’ so don’t take my word for it. One thing’s for sure, I know I won’t be booking any meals at this place anytime soon!

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  1. LOL, thanks for letting us know bad that buffet is! I really want to try out New Quay Buffet now! Im gonna get my friends out for that sometime before they head back to work! 😀
    I’ve never had drip filter coffee actually, I’ve only had espresso machine coffee, if that’s what its called.. Oh.. wait.. are vietnamese coffees considered drip filter coffee?

  2. @peach_water – 

    New Quay is just OKAY (I reckon Shabu Shabu is better from what you’ve described)… but yeah, I reckon you should go there at least once, just to see what it’s like (hey, it’s better than Foodstar or Smorgys anyway…)

    Hmmm, Adam may have to correct me on this but I’m pretty sure that the mechanisms behind the Vietnamese drip filter is pretty much the same as the Maccas one, albeit different equipment of course. The difference is that Vietnamese coffee always seems to taste better only because there is something different about the beans they use (even Trung Nguyen tastes so buttery… mmm), whereas coffee from other drip filters (Maccas, diners etc) always taste yucky and stale!

  3. @SNSAZN – 

    Guess what?! I got a vietnamese coffee filter with the Trung Nguyen coffee. I’ll post up an entry tomorrow, coz I cant drink that coffee now. It’s so strong it can keep you awake for the next 24 hours! Oh yes. I need to go buy some condense milk for it too! 😀

  4. @peach_water – 

    Trung Nguyen rocks! Sometimes I’ll use Trung Nguyen when I make cakes that require a teaspoon of espresso or instant coffee, because it tastes that much better with Trung. And yes, I agree that it’s strong – it’s more effective, I reckon, at keeping you awake than most other instant coffee brands.

    I also like it iced… mmmm…

  5. lol.. actually that gay club was a bit much for my liking… I refused to enter the mens toilets.

    image wise it was GAY but the whole action and grinding was… well okay it was GAY but not weird public sex gay… haha

    maybe you should try a bar instead.. less angels and asian boys in sailor outfits… i think? haha

  6. Ugh! I held a dinner for my recent birthday at New Quay Buffet and I was less than impressed about the food variety. Nothing special. Totally not worth the 40$ me and my mates paid for (being broke ass uni students, we expect alot for $40, lol). The staff could inject a bit of enthusiam into their personalities!

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