GAS Eatery & Supplies

253 Coventry St
South Melbourne VIC 3205
+61 3 9690 0217

I felt like a bit of market-ing (the non-segmentation and non-consumer behaviour type) so I met up with Adam and Aaron for a bit of fresh produce shopping at South Melbourne market. Although the early morning drizzle made me a bit worried that we would have to run from cover to cover the entire day, the clouds all but disappeared by mid-morning and we were left with nothing but clear blue skies and sunshine. Ahhh!

But first, to brunch!

We went to GAS Eatery & Supplies, a cute Mediterranean-slash-Middle-Eastern cafe on Coventry Street not far from the Clarendon Street intersection (yeah I know, weird name…). The cafe was packed and so we settled for a table outside. Now, GAS is known of their apparently awesome lunches which are displayed in a glass cabinet inside (no menus, you just go in and pick, and then they bring it out to you). I wouldn’t have minded one of their tasting platters at $15.50 per head but because I didn’t have anything to eat prior to arriving in the city, I decided to go for something on their breakfast menu and so did the others.

I had the Middle Eastern Eggs ($14.50), a dish not dissimilar to the dish that Adam had at Richmond Hill Cafe & Larder. The only reason why I chose this dish was because it was the only item on the breakfast menu that had haloumi in it, and I had been craving that awesome Cypriot cheese all week for some reason. Anyway, I think the stewed tomato was much better than the one at RHCL. Still a bit too sweet for my liking, but not vanilla ice-cream sweet. It had the right amount of paprika and haloumi in it which, I guess, made the difference. There was a single poached free-range egg in the stew which was nicely cooked but admittedly, RHCL do make better poached eggs. My favourite part was breaking the Turkish bread, smearing butter all over the piece and dipping it into the tomato stew. Yes, that’s one hella big chunk of butter and yes, I’m supposed to be eating healthy nowadays but it’s SATURDAY so who the eff cares?!

Aaron had the croque-monsieur ($10), which is simply a grilled ham and cheese sandwich for those of you who don’t know. I didn’t manage to have a bite of it but Aaron gave it the thumbs up so it couldn’t have been that bad. I should also mention here that the cheese they used was Swiss (emmental) cheese rather than the more traditional gruyere that the French use. It was ironic that Aaron ordered this as I had been planning to make it for breakfast sometime this week (or maybe even do a one-up and make a croque-madame, which is the same thing but with an egg on top of the sandwich). Mmmm.

Finally, Adam had the Tortilla breakfast ($14.50) which consisted of a decent-sized Spanish omelet topped with goat’s cheese and chorizo (okay-tasting but nothing special). It was accompanied with roasted tomato halves, bacon and Turkish bread. While I only managed to taste a bit of the omelet and missed out on trying the rest of the things, Adam thought it was nice but again, nothing extraordinary.

Would I go here again? Well, the table next to us were having all these wooden boards loaded with yummy-looking mezze and tapas items on them which made me promise myself that I would return for lunch one day. Breakfast wasn’t bad either and better than some of the offerings that Flinders Lane eateries are offering these days. So yes, yes I would.

The next hour or so consisted of shopping at the market i.e. me running around trying to find fresh produce, while the boys tagged along and stopped at every stall that had a plasma so they could watch the cricket (yes, they have televisions at THIS market!). Of course in between running around trying to find gruyere at a decent price and willing myself not to waste money on sashimi-grade tuna (which I will use… when?), I got hungry so I stopped by one of the few sushi outlets in the market and bought….

… this? Now, I’ve seen many wtf sushi fillings from battered whiting to Chinese sausage but this one’s takes the prize for being the most weirdest. Vietnamese spring roll sushi?!?!
(Wasn’t horrible but it’s something that I’d never order again!)

And of course, no visit to South Melbourne Market is complete without buying a dim sim at THE dim sim shop…
(Yeah, I played around with photoshop a little… you will see more evidence of me experimenting as I learn the ropes. Please feel free to provide feedback/suggestions.)
… Or a few hundred…

We thought about stopping at St Ali for some awesome coffee but Aaron’s tea cravings kicked in and so we ended up back in the city for some afternoon well, tea, at Hopetoun Tea Rooms at the Block Arcade. This is a place that’s been around for ages and quite popular with the old folk and those who just want to feel posh and British.

We all had teas (peppermint for me, darjeeling for Aaron and Russian caravan for Adam, all $4 each) which would’ve gone down nicely with scones or croissants but we were all still a bit full. Oh well. Next time.

Hope you’ve had a great weekend so far!
I eat too much.


  1. GODandShopping
    November 29, 2008

    LOL no one else on my facebook got it

  2. peach_water
    November 29, 2008

    very nice last photo 🙂 you look pretty in that pic!

    How do you get to South Melbourne Market? I’ve never been there! I’ve only been to Prahan market, QVM in the city.

    I like the treatment of your tea room photo (the one with four photos together) looks really cute. I’m a fan of tea so I gotta go there one day!

    Oh and I must say.. Adam’s Tortilla breakfast. Looks great.

    And.. what? springroll sushi roll? and chinese sausage? LOL. I think that will frighten any Japanese! haha.

    November 29, 2008

    @GODandShopping – 

    Got what, Joe?

    @peach_water – 

    We took the 112 tram from Collins St, got off at Clarendon/Coventry and had breakfast on Coventry, with the market only being a short walk from there. If you are lazy though, best to take the 96 tram from Bourke Street as it drops you off right in front of the market stop. It’s not as big as Queen Vic or Prahran, but I like going there sometimes for something a little different and for the eateries in South Melbourne 🙂

    Haha and yes, the last photo is probably the only decent shot of me out of the 10 billion photos we took the other day, given my non-makeup and the bummy market outfit I wore for the day!

  4. icesabre
    November 29, 2008

    Adam’s Tortilla and the Grill Cheese and Ham sandwich!

    Goddamn! *Drools*

  5. fipar20
    November 29, 2008

    LOL @ the spring roll sushi. wtf indeed! =P

  6. GODandShopping
    November 29, 2008

    oh the bryanboy reference.. lol

  7. icesabre
    November 30, 2008

    Far out, the more I stare at your post the more likely I am going to get a grill Ham and Cheese sandwich for breakfast or morning tea tomorrow, but where to find in Box Hill???

    November 30, 2008

    @icesabre – 

    You can try that cafe place that’s around the corner from Angus and Robertsons (sorta near the Reject Shop and Grain Asia) that’s run by Asians ahahahaha. It looks dodgy and I don’t trust them to make a good grilled ham and cheese sandwich but it was the first place that came to mind when I read your comment for some reason…

  9. icesabre
    November 30, 2008

    @SNSAZN – 

    Oh yeah I know that place. Nah damn. Oh well, I think I’ll stick to Baker’s Delight, Muffin Break and Breadtop’s Danishes.


    If only Box Hill had a couple more Cafes that do Ham and Cheese toasted sandwiches.

  10. s_l_v
    November 30, 2008

    Your tomato stew looked yum! The last picture is so cute, we must take cuter ones than that when we meet! Haha 😛


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