Limors International

67 Kooyong Rd
Caulfield North VIC 3161
+61 3 9509 8183

This restaurant review is one week overdue, which is pretty shocking really. You may have noticed that I like to write reviews within a day of visiting the restaurant as all the details are still fresh in my mind. My dinner at Limor’s was last Friday night (19th Sept) but I have only just begun writing this up and uploading photos (on Friday the 26th). I want to use “being busy” and “slow internet” as an excuse but truth be told, I’m not as excited reviewing Limor’s compared to say, reviewing Press Club or Gingerboy. I could argue that perhaps the food wasn’t OMG-WOW but then again, I’ve had bad experiences at other establishments and enjoyed ripping those places into bits as soon as I got home. Besides, Limor’s isn’t all that bad. According to Mietta O’Donnell, Limor’s is very popular among Asians and Jews which I find quite funny because yes, the portions are quite huge so you’re getting pretty good value for money (geddit?!). My family and friends love it, so they must be doing something right. I think that when a place becomes a regular haunt for me, the less excited I am about reviewing it because everything is familiar. Homely. You accept all their faults, because you know that you would be back again. Sigh.

Anyway, our family’s been going to Limor’s in Caulfield North for as long as I could remember. They love the food and they love that there is live music on Friday and Saturday nights. It gets quite packed on Saturdays but last Friday wasn’t that busy – I will attribute it to being Friday night in Caulfield. That, or more and more people are going vegetarian. Anyway, it’s a nice-enough looking joint that serves steaks, chips, seafood etc – “international cuisine” according to the owners who happen to be Greek Jews. For some reason though, Indonesians seem to think that all this constitutes Greek food just because the place is run by Greeks. However, the only Greek thing on the menu, from what I could recall, was Greek salad.

We left all the ordering up to the people who had the mullah to pay for our feast, so my cousin Jess and I bitched and gossiped while we waited for our food to arrive. We ordered a few platters here and there, a few bowls of chips, onion rings, tossed in a salad or two and didn’t realise how much food we actually ordered until everything was presented on the table. Because I didn’t pay for the meal, I had no idea how much the bill was but $400 (for eleven people) seemed about right.

Garlic bagels! A nice Jewish twist to the good ol’ garlic bread – and very nice too! I’m going to use bagels to make my garlic bread from now on, instead of baguettes or stale slices of white bread…

A juicy (hella big!) piece of steak, medium-rare. Because everyone on the table are idiots and refuse to eat steak unless it’s well-done, only Kenneth and I made an attempt to eat it. Some people might disagree with me but frankly, I think that steak is only worth ordering is it’s medium-rare (or even rare) because a well-done steak is too tough and loses much of its flavour. You can practically get the same effect if you buy steak from Coles, chuck it on the BBQ at home, watch Mad Men for a bit, and then go back to the BBQ to see it hard and crisp so why bother paying $40 a steak at a restaurant to get it cooked well-done?! Anyway, the steak was alright – not the best I’ve had though.

The huge meat platter with all sorts of meaty goodness (not!). Sausages, lamb cutlets, chicken wings, kebabs, etc etc. I think this was around $100, but it’s enough to feed the lot of us and still have heaps left over (cough cough, so unlike the experience I had at Verge where I paid $80-90 for five courses and wanted a burger and fries straight after).

Seafood platter, not unlike the ones you get at La Porchetta et al. Unfortunately, there were no scallops in this one which was a shame really, as there only seemed to be fish, calamari rings and prawns…

Everything was going quite well until we realised that none of us could actually finish what we had ordered. Kenneth and I did try our best to finish off some of the stuff, because both of us really hate wasting food – in fact, I am one of those people who would prefer to eat until I burst so that the piece of chicken doesn’t go into the bin rather than be satisfied at 80% full, as what dietitians recommend. Additionally, one thing that gets to me is wasting meat. When I am struggling to finish a meal, I will try my best to finish off the meat even if it means not eating the vegies that go with it. Something to do with me thinking that the animal got killed for nothing if I don’t actually eat it – yeah, call me hypocritical or whatever you like.

Sadly, it got to the point where both of us felt too sick to continue so there remained half a platter of meat on the table. Normally one of us doggy-bags any leftover foods when we’re dining out but for some reason, mum and co didn’t want to doggy-bag the food in order to “save face” in a gweilo restaurant. Yeah, whatever the fck. Naturally, I wasn’t happy so I gave them a bit of a lecture about wasting money, wasting food, starving kids in Africa etc which wasn’t really going to change anything but at least I got them to feel bad, heh. You know what the worst bit was though? They didn’t want to finish all the meat but were happy to order three huge servings of desserts for the table to share (below). And naturally, the desserts were huge and so we could not finish them. I felt kinda sick watching the vanilla ice cream melt into a pool of liquid on the raspberry meringue – as much as I wanted to finish it off, I couldn’t. One, because I was already stuffed and two, because the desserts were perhaps a bit too sweet and rich for my liking.


At this point in time, I feel that my next restaurant adventure should be one that involves steak as I haven’t really had much experience eating steak at restaurants. Anyway, I’m throwing this question out to all you Melburnians? Where was the best steak you’ve ever had in Melbourne? How much did you have to fork out and was it worth it?

I eat too much.


  1. icesabre
    September 27, 2008

    $38 – “The Slab”, 700g medium rare with a side of salad and thick ass country chips. This was at Portland Hotel, corner of Lt Collins and Russell St. Food there is your standard Pub food. Honestly I’d rather have had it at Rockpool or even better, the best steak joint in Melbourne apparently – Vlado’s. Vlado’s is I think $60 according to my little bro.

  2. Gurumi_Sunday
    September 28, 2008

    Olive Tree’s Steak Crevette. It’s stuufed with prawns and lined with bacon – omg *salivates*

    September 28, 2008

    @icesabre – Oooh yes, Vlados! My parents went there a few years ago and loved it. Apparently they only have set menus there for $80 per head (though it was something like 50-60 when my parents went). I want to go there one day but not too sure about having a set menu with just MEAT in it… I wonder what sort of stuff they’d serve for dessert…

    @Gurumi_Sunday – I remember you mentioning Olive Tree to me ages and ages ago. One day, I promise!


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