Supper Inn

15 Celestial Ave
Melbourne VIC 3000
+61 3 9663 4759
No, that ain’t a typo. Adam’s loveable-but-fobby mum refers to that famous Chinese restaurant as Super Inn which I find pretty funny. Heh. Given that Adam’s parents practically live in the city and given that they know the owners of Supper Inn, it’s a bit of surprise to find that they’ve never actually dined there before. It’s been around for yonks and even has its own facebook group started by my dear friend Aaron. Still stunned, I told Aaron about them not having been to this famous Melbourne institution but he just shrugged and told me that his uber-cool and sophisticated parents have never been there either. I need not mention that his mum was the one who hated Becco because she paid so much for her meal and was not happy with what she got got (i.e. she thinks REAL Italian food is La Porchetta. Pfffffft).
Anyway. Adam’s dad turned t+1, so Adam and I took his folks out to Super – oops, SUPPER Inn last night.According to many of Melbourne’s foodies, the whole queue-up-the-staircase-for-45-minutes thing is part of the Supper Inn experience that one needs to encounter prior to sitting down and having their meal but frankly, I think that’s just bullcrap. Instead, I got Adam to book us a table for 7:15pm a few days beforehand so that we were guaranteed a table. Seriously, if Ms Libby was given a choice between waiting for 45 minutes or booking ahead to secure a table, which one of those would she rather pick? No surprises there . So the line was a good half-staircase deep by the time we got there but we got to walk past all the people waiting in line so that was okay. What was NOT cool, however, was this one waiting guy who said (loudly) to his partner as I was walking past him, “These Asians f*cking pushed in, those dickheads!” Haha whatever, moron (I had to refrain from saying gui lao). You can wait while I chomp on my food. Just because you didn’t think to book, doesn’t mean you should get pissy at us. I guess the queue-up-the-staircase-for-45-minutes experience takes its toll sometimes. Sigh.

Anyway, I’m sure many of you have been to this joint before. My parents have been taking us kids there since the early 90s and it’s always delivered decent Cantonese fare. I don’t think anything has changed much, including the specials menu. Okay, maybe the prices due to CPI and what you have, but apart from that, everything’s the same. Oh, the patronage has turned more gweilo (used to be half Asian, half whites) which Adam’s parents kept going on and on about (). After a few moments of choosing dishes, we went with these:

Seafood congee ($6). Not the best congee (Lantern Garden in Box Hill does better) and it was bit watery but $6 is pretty reasonable for a city establishment. Usually when I have congee, it’s either fish congee or chicken congee but Adam’s mum wanted seafood. I’m not sure why they decided to called it “seafood congee” as the only thing that was seafood-y was the octopus bits in it. There were also some pork cracklings in it too but pigs don’t come from the sea.

Stuffed beancurd ($15.50). This is one of my fave Supper Inn dishes. Love, love, LOVE IT! The only problem with the dish today was that the prawn mince on top of each beancurd were bloody tiny. I think they should’ve called this dish beancurd with little bits of prawn on top rather than stuffed beancurd, because they sure weren’t stuffed .

Steamed barramundi ($33). More expensive than a lot of Chinese places. Hell, I’ve had fish in St Albans for less than that and it was much bigger. Tastewise, it was probably not the best I’ve had but it was still good nevertheless. My only gripe about the fish (apart from the size) was that it was perhaps a bit more oily than what I’m used to.

Roasted pigeon ($14.50). Adam’s dad LOVES his pigeon and because it was his birthday, we let him order one bird. Actually, he orders a pigeon regardless of whether it’s his birthday or not … so we knew that one of the dishes had to be pigeon. Now, I don’t hate this bird or anything but I’m starting to get sick of it that every time I see this scrawny little bird, I can’t help but gag. I don’t know why Mr Hoang is obsessed with roasted pigeon but hey, as long as he’s happy…

Oh, my opinion on it? I don’t really have one because to be honest, I think that pigeon tastes pretty much the same in all Asian restaurants, the only difference being the price they charge for them…

Crispy chicken with special sauce ($15.50). I was going to choose lemon chicken because Supper Inn does a good one but Adam’s parents aren’t really keen on gweilo Chinese food. We ordered this one instead. The “special sauce” is pretty much the sauce they use for the stuffed bean curd but with a little more soy, I think. It’s quite nice but given that we already had one dish with that sauce, I would’ve been happier ordering lemon chicken…

The bill came to just over $100 which was quite good as Adam and I expected to pay closer to $200. The meal would’ve been cheaper too had we not bought another congee to take-away but because Adam’s grandma is sick in hospital, they decided to bring her some congee to make her feel a bit better. After all, no normal person would choose hospital food over seafood congee!
I eat too much.


  1. icesabre
    June 14, 2008

    Hrmmmmm pigeons… not a big fan of eating them for some funny reason – they are usually on a Chinese Wedding Banquet menu, and I’ve pretty much hated eating them since the day I first bit into one at the age of 3 at a parent’s friend’s wedding hahaha.

    Oh and I nailed a pigeon the other day walking to Melbourne Central Station by accident when I kicked an empty crushed can of V energy drink ahahaha.

    *Shakes fist at pigeons*

    Yes, I hate pigeons, especially for shitting on my clothes while I hang them out to dry after a washing!

  2. peach_water
    June 14, 2008

    … I’ve never been to supper inn…. LOL. haha.. I spend too much time eating at boxhill / springvale
    LOL @ icesabre nailing down a pigeon with a V can. haha.

  3. jtngu8
    June 14, 2008

    I’m particularly special because I can sing them 80’s stuff AS WELL as that urban shit word for word! 😀 Do I hear a karaoke challenge?

    I actually haven’t been to Supper Inn before, where is it located?

    June 14, 2008

    @icesabre – Ew @ the pigeons doing their business all over your clothes. It’s weird, I never thought that pigeons ventured outside the CBD! Never had a bird problem like that at my house but as of now, I will hang all my clothes under the pergola… just in case!

    @jtngu8 – It’s just off Chinatown, in a little alleyway called Celestial Lane. Only open for dinner though … but it’s open til late (2am I think?) so good for when you’ve danced your heart out at a club and feel like some Chinese food before heading home 🙂

  5. jtngu8
    June 14, 2008

    @SNSAZN – Awesome. Gotta love choice (other than fast food) when it comes to late-night dining.

    I just noticed that you’re now a PREMIUM member! I’ve considered it before but I’m nowhere near as committed as you when it comes to blogging lol.


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