Cafe Vue (red box May 2008 edition)

340 Little Collins St
Melbourne VIC 3000
+61 3 9691 3899
Work kindly gave me the afternoon off today. And when Libby has an afternoon off, where does she go? To hunt for food, of course! (duh… ). It was only 12pm when I left so I decided to go to Cafe Vue to grab their May edition red lunch boxes ($15 each). As many of you may know, I look forward to going to Cafe Vue every month to see what their red lunch box menus offer as they change monthly. Unfortunately I work in the arse end of Melbourne near Flagstaff station so walking to Little Collins St and back to grab lunch there is a bit unfeasible. Yes, I am a power walker so I COULD make it there and back in time for work (I’ve been to city library and back with 5 minutes to spare before). But you also need to think about queuing time (at 1pm, Cafe Vue is PACKED with corporates) and after all that walking and waiting, there is barely enough time for you to properly enjoy your lunch. That’s why I was looking forward to my Vue fix this afternoon, and what great timing seeing as today was the last day they’d have their May menu available. Today, I grabbed one box as well as a crystal prawn baguette for me and Adam to share during HIS lunch break at work.
So let’s introduce the cast:
Scotch quail egg (the thing that’s crumbed). So, inside this crumbed croquette-type thing is some pork sausage covering a delicate little quail egg in the middle. I have no idea why it’s called a Scotch quail egg considering that it wasn’t invented in Scotland or at a home-ec class at Scotch College (God forbid) but it’s quite nice. I reckon it would’ve went well with some tomato chutney or relish but I guess Cafe Vue decided to be tightarsey with their test tube of sauces this month.

Salad of risoni with tuna, peas and tarragon. I love risoni as an alternative to rissotto but risoni is always awesome in salads and this one did not disappoint. Although this sounds, to me, more like a summer salad than a winter salad, it was awarded my nod of approval. I guess you do need something light to break up the flavours of the other (heavy) foods you’re eating.

Sandwich of roast beef on rye pita bread with oven roasted tomato. Once again, I would love to know what Shannon Bennett does with his tomatoes to make them soooo damn sweet and juicy! Surprisingly, that was the only good thing about this “sandwich.” I suppose the flavours were okay but nothing that an ordinary deli or (dare I say this?) McDonalds couldn’t make. I wasn’t too pleased to see that it was ridiculously small – a canape would’ve been a more appropriate title than effing sandwich. Because Adam and I were sharing everything, we had to go halves on the sandwich. He had one bite. And I had one bite. And it was finished.

Creme caramel. Unfortunately I was full by the time dessert came around so I never got around to eating dessert. And Adam doesn’t like rich desserts too. So it’s now sitting in my fridge at home waiting for someone to eat it. Heh.

Crystal Prawn Baguette ($12 each). For this price, you’d expect something special. I’ve heard good things about these prawn rolls so I was keen on giving them a go. This is Shannon Bennett’s ode to the humble prawn cocktail and while prawns in a roll sound kind of weird, it actually tastes pretty good. Several huge prawns. Some lettuce. Some avocado. And that yummy light, tangy sauce. The only downside was that this was small (about two-thirds the size of a standard banh mi). If I had the baguette on its own, I would’ve still been hungry I reckon but thank God for the lunchbox eh…

Looking forward to a relaxing weekend, no plans to go out tomorrow as I’m still recovering from being sick and I have no money anyway. If I feel like it, I’m going to do some baking tomorrow. That’s it from me.
I eat too much.

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  1. whoislulu
    May 30, 2008

    wow….seems like every so often you would put up a food review entry on xanga!! =P

    if I wasn’t so overwhelmingly constipated….I’d be screaming like mad over all that yummy looking pics!!~

    thank god I’m getting better…..but I better watch my appetite and what I eat…in case something nasty like that happen to me again! =_=


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