Grain Asian Cafe

Shop 46 / Box Hill Central Shopping Centre
Main St
Box Hill VIC 3128
+61 3 9899 6533

I’m talking about the extremely popular Grain Asia cafe which is situated near the Reject Shop at Box Hill Central (also at Box Hill Centro and at Monash University, Clayton). Don’t let its food court location deter you. Just check out the hordes of people who line up at this joint every day to grab a table… and let the photo below tempt you…

For a measly $7.80, you get a huge bowl of steaming hot soup, a generous serving of thin egg noodles, some Chinese vegies and five huge prawn wontons. I will admit that the soup could do with a bit more flavour as it was rather bland today but goddamn, these prawn wontons make up for it. Juicy pieces of REAL prawns encased in wonton wrappers with a tiny amount of bamboo shoots embedded in them. They are practically a meal in itself.

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  1. Been there, done that, and on my last day in Box Hill for Rotation 2 last Friday ahahaha. But yeah yum! Except not as good as the ones at home as it’s MSGed up hehe! But huge thumbs up, definitely one of the better ones I’ve had. There’s two Grain Asia’s though, the one near the Subway/McDonald’s/Box Hill Reject Shop Food Court, and the one in the Red Rooster Gloria Jean’s Food Court. Both are nice!

  2. Maybe they might be having a bad day with their broth. I guess their broth is made daily and usually the flavor would fluctuate. Nice looking won tins though =D

  3. Ooo yum! Box Hill’s like fatty central for me cos there’s so much temptation. First I go to Bubble Cup, then Cakeworld, then Bread Top, then some random (or all) Asian grocery stores there and end up spending $100 or something ridiculous like that then eating everything in one go and hating myself for being a giant walrus =( No that hasn’t actually happened (yet) but it’s my worst nightmare and it’s so hard for me to pull myself away from those places every time we’re at Box Hill. So what I do is just ask my dad if he wants something, buy it for him, then “sample” 2/3 of his. That way I look like a good daughter AND I get my food. Ha!

  4. RYC: Yes the Mousse Clarte is fabulous! Actually when I ran out of toner I was tossing up the Tonique Clarte too! Except I ended up with the Bobbi Brown Soothing Face Tonic cos it scored higher in this forum I go to to research all my beauty products before buying them. Yeah last time Lancome had various gift packs in different colours with miniature products I stopped in front of the display case and oggled them for ages before the boyfriend dragged me away. Freebies will be the death of me

    As for moisturisers, what kind of skin do you have? Mine’s normal borderlining on the dry side, so I generally buy moisturisers for dry skin. I only ever use proper moisturiser at night anyway, in the morning I just use one of the 4 perfume lotions I got free when I bought perfume. Anyway, like I mentioned before, the DDML was terrible for me and I switched to Dermalogica’s Intensive Moisture Balance afterwards and I think that’s great. It moisturises well but absorbs really quickly and doesn’t leave you looking shiny, and you only need a teeny bit to spread over your whole face so even a tiny tube lasts ages. As for price, Dermalogica is a whole heap pricier than Clinique. On StrawberryNET, 125mL of the DDML costs $37 whereas 100mL for the IMB costs $72. Obviously if you find that the DDML works for you then definitely stick with that and don’t switch to something that’s nearly double the price with less product. Has it improved your skin though?

  5. Just avoid their yum cha cafe at box hill centro. embarrassing representation of yum cha. almost felt sorry for them

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