Duke Of Kent Hotel

1293 La Trobe St
Melbourne VIC 3000
+61 3 9670 0128

My colleague Sean turned 26 last Monday. And I will turn 23 this Thursday. My work decided to throw us a lunch at the Duke Of Kent, a pub 2 blocks from our office. Even though we would effectively be slightly behind in our work, the department managers believe that it’s important to make employees feel like they are part of a “family” or some bullsht to that extent but in reality, we all know that any excuse for us to get out of the office is as good as any! Ideally, they wanted to throw one lunch per employee when their birthday came around but because they are tight arses there are way too many employees in our department, we sometimes had to squish two people into one lunch. Anyway, the lunch occured last week but I only managed to blog about it now (wow, one week lag time for Libby! Whatthefcksgoingon?!?!). I do have an excuse – George  took forever to send me the photos!

Atmosphere-wise, DOK is very relaxed but still has a slight “toffy” feel to it. I guess it’s because 90% of the patrons there on the day were corporate workers on their lunch break. None of the sleazy atmosphere you’d get from a Boronia or Ferntree Gully pub. Foodwise? Given that it IS pub food, you don’t go there expecting Shannon Bennett standard fare but a scale of pub food standards ranging from terrible to excellent does exist, with The Pub at Crown being the best one I’ve been to so fair and everything else on the bottom end of the scale. After having my steak sandwich ($15-16) and sampling some of Karen’s burger, I think that DOK falls somewhere in between.

So it’s not a Tetsuya work of art but it does the job and that’s all that matters. The steak sandwich was alright though it could have done with a bit more flavour. The chips were nice and crispy. My only main gripe, really, was the soggy bread. If the steak and the fillings were served on Sizzler cheese toasted bread, I would have been very very happy. Anyway, this sandwich was good value given how STUFFED I was after eating it.

I eat too much.


  1. icesabre
    May 13, 2008

    That steak sandwich and burger that your workmate is about to slam down looks f***ing awesome!

  2. Scrooge0
    May 13, 2008

    This post + prior post + profile picture. Food a unifying theme? ME TOO!

    Thanks for your marvelous comments! They were well appreciated!


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