Kum Tong

21 Anderson Creek Road
Doncaster East VIC 3109
+61 3 9841 8688

Adam’s mum decided to take us out for dinner last night to celebrate both Adam’s and his grandma’s birthdays. Yeah, I know. Three dinners for this guy – spoilt much?! Anyway, having been to Kum Tong (a Chinese joint behind my house) the other week, Adam’s parents decided to take us there as they enjoyed the food there. I’ll keep it short and sweet. There really isn’t much to rave on about as the food wasn’t that fantastic. As my title suggests, you can probably make better food at home using them trust ol’ Kan Tong sauces… Sorry for not remembering the names of each dish. I didn’t really look at the menu and left it up to Adam’s parents to order.



I think this was the only dish that was vague exciting. Jumbo-sized prawns fried in some really strange batter made out of salted duck eggs. It might look like a year.8 science experiment but I actually quite liked it.

We each got a bowl of long-life noodles to eat with our food but of course, two bites and the noodles were gone so we had to order some extra rice. The noodles were just your standard fried-in-oyster-sauce-with-beanshoots-and-Chinese-greens-added fare.

Now this was the dish that Adam’s parents kept raving on about. Steamed chicken with I-forgot-what-sauce. They kept going on about how the chicken must be organic because the meat texture was different to what you’d normally get at Chinese places and yeah, they were right but I honestly don’t know what kind of suburban Chinese restaurant would use organic chicken so I was reluctant to believe them (Flower Drum and Silks are a different story).

Fish with tofu. Too much ginger spoilt it for me.

Venison with XO sauce. This was the first time I’ve actually tried deer meat. And it tastes pretty much like beef. Except more tender. And a little bit sweeter. Not horrible but I wouldn’t go around ordering venison as it didn’t really do it for me. And heck, you can create the same effect by tenderising your beef and soaking it in sweet soy at home.

OX scallops. Yeah, Adam’s family love their OX sauce. It’s alright but I prefer my ginger and spring onion. This dish was alright though. Nothing spectactular.

There were a few other dishes but I didn’t take photos of them so you’ll just have to imagine the seafood claypot, the shark fin soup (okay fine, that was a special order just for grandma) and the fried rice but like the other dishes, they were all pretty ordinary. It’s not like the restaurant didn’t try – they DID and they provided very friendly service but the food was just bleh and certainly wasn’t worth driving from the other side of Melbourne for (Adam’s family). Heck, it was not even worth a 2 minute drive for me (from my house). Now that I think about it, the site of this restaurant has been home to many many Chinese places in the past – Yum Cha Palace, Seahorse Restaurant and lots more. But I don’t think that either of them have stuck around for more than 2 years before a new owner and new name popped up. Heck, I think this Kum Tong place has only been around for a few months and given by how dead the place was, I don’t think it’ll last much longer. God knows why this is the case. Bad feng shui maybe? Or maybe the fact that the restaurant is only a stone’s throw away from a prominent underworld figure’s house has scared all the owners away… hmmm…In short, almost a fail but the prawns were a saving grace. But you wouldn’t see Libby having a birthday party or a dinner at this joint ever!


I eat too much.


  1. icesabre
    May 5, 2008

    Mum is making Kan Tong, doesn’t take long, for the word to spread around…

    Ahahaha, cheesy, but it was sort of catchy commercial all them years ago!

  2. Melbournechick
    May 6, 2008

    Hello family on Libby’s blog. Thank for keeping me posted with what my family looks like. They never send me photos.
    Wow, everyone looks cold. Coats in a restaurant?!
    What’s with Adam’s hair?


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