Shira Nui

247 Springvale Rd
Glen Waverley VIC 3150
+61 3 9886 7755

Okay so my title might seem a bit harsh and would possibly offend quite a few of my friends live in Glen Waverley. But I’m still pissy about the fact that some Glen Waverley resident decided to set up a “I live in Glenny-re” group on facebook about a year ago to stir up the way-more-superior beings in the “I live in Donny-re” group. The thing that irked me (and the other Donny group members) was that donny-re is strictly a Doncaster saying and that other groups don’t have the right to use our “trademark.” And frankly, Glenny-re just sounds … wrong. But anyway, I shouldn’t dwell on these things. After all, we all know that the Donny group is clearly the more superior. So those Glenny tryhards can just revel in the fact that they are nowhere near as awesome as us *grins*

Ahem. Digress much? I was supposed to talk about my dinner at Shira Nui this evening. Except that I got sidetracked. But seriously, Glen Waverley doesn’t really offer much in terms of “fine dining” as most Melburnians would know. A lot of inexpensive Cantonese joints which are great for post-karaoke sessions and a few bars here and there but that’s about it. On the outside, Shira Nui looks like just another rinky-dinky cheap joint but on the inside, it’s all class (as far as Glen Waverley goes, anyway). The inside has a very simple decor (beige wood) and looks very clean. The tiny room ensures that noise levels aren’t too high but the downside of having such a small restaurant is that it struggles to fit many people in which, of course, makes it hard to book large groups.

I had booked a table for 8 for the evening (my family of five, Adam and my cousin Jess and her parents). The whole point of the dinner was to celebrate my uncle (Jess’ dad) selling off a post office in Melbourne that he’d half-owned for over 10 years. We had wanted to have dinner on Saturday but unfortunately it was fully booked so we had to settle for Friday. Of course, this meant having to battle through peak hour traffic which made me 10-15 minutes late but the fact that the rest of the table was also late rendered my efforts to get there on time rather fruitless. Anyway, Jess told me to say that she couldn’t make it at the very last minute because she had a class at 6pm, which seemed a bit unbelievable because since when does Melbourne Uni schedule classes at 6pm on a Friday evening? *shrugs* Oh well. Her loss. We invited Josh’s parents along at the very last minute and we were glad that the restaurant was able to accommodate the extra people.

We ordered a few dishes to share between the four of us (me, Ken, Janice and Adam) while the other people on the other side of the table did the same. While I tried my best to recall every dish and how much they cost, keep in mind that I was very tired by the time I ate (and also as I’m typing this up) and I don’t have a menu to refer to so my reviews aren’t that “accurate.” Plus, I wasn’t the one paying for the meal. But I will do my best. Here’s what we ate:

Sushi and sashimi platter ($42). It had everything from prawn sushi to slices of yummy raw salmon, kingfish and tuna. One of the freshest raw fish I’ve ever had. The highlight of this dish was the salad portion of this platter which had bits of sashimi mixed with shredded daikon and lettuce with a tangy dressing. Yum! I wish I could say that this is the most awesome-est sashimi I’ve had but sadly, it JUST loses out to Shoya’s version (the ice bowl did it, jk jk). Still, it was extremely good and I would be happy to order it again next time.


Seared salmon sushi. I don’t think I’ve seen salmon sushi cooked like this before (usually they leave it raw) but I liked the smokey soury flavour that these little pieces of sushi had. Each piece of grilled salmon was dusted with this spicy peppery mix and finished off with a squeeze of lemon juice. So good!

Prawn sushi. I love prawns like I love Adam (heh!) so it’s no surprise that I enjoyed this dish. Very simple but so full of flavour. The mayonaise dressing complemented the prawns really well.

Crispy Chicken Sushi. I’m not really a big fan of chicken sushi as I think it reeks of “gweilo try-hardness” but I was pleasantly surprised by how nice this dish tasted. It’s my aunt’s fave Shira Nui dish and I can understand why. The chicken pieces were fried to perfection without leaving that awful oily residue on the rice that you get from sushi in other places. Dip the chicken bits into the Worcester and Japanese mayo on the plate and ooooohhhh… gaaaaawd!

I can’t remember what this dish was called but it was a main. And a chicken. It had mushrooms and broccoli in it too. And it was ohh soo effing delicious. The secret was in the sauce. It was a soy based sauce but it also tasted very buttery. YUM!

This was a clear broth with all sorts of random things in it, but mostly seafood. It came with a sake and sesame dipping sauce which Adam quite liked. But we both agreed that the dish wasn’t anything to rave on about.

Several people ordered udons which came in cute little pots. The udons were alright but, once again, nothing to rave on about. You can definitely get cheaper udons in the city that taste just as good I reckon. Having said that, the seafood udon that my mum had impressed me as the scallop and prawn pieces were so juicy and sweet.

But everything else in the bowl was just meh.

The reason why I took this photo is because my brother is eating RAW FISH. This is an incredible event in itself as my brother hates seafood so yes, we were all shocked when Ken decided to try a piece of raw salmon. He said it was alright. Heh.

Ad Libs. Bwahhhh. Too much overtime. Not enough fresh air and exercise. And the fact that I haven’t had a haircut in months. No wonder I look so off.

That’s my sister. But I guess you can’t really tell just by looking at this photo. Heh.

My mum and my aunt (Jess’ mum). They made me take this photo so that my aunt can “prove” to my mum how much skinnier she (aunt) is compared to my mum. Heh.

The Indonesian mafia: My uncle (Jess’ dad), my old man and Josh’s dad.

Just realised that there is no photo of Josh’s mum but heh, who cares. (jokes)

Okay, I can see why people would drive all the way from Kyneton to eat at Shira Nui. The sushi is that good. And so are a few of their other hot meals. The fish is so fresh that one could be forgiven for thinking that they were dining at a seaside restaurant in Japan rather than Glen-effing-Waverley. Ooooh… I’m still thinking about that platter. But on the other hand, best to give their soupy dishes as miss as they weren’t all that fantastic. And for around $20 for a bowl of udon or whatever, you can get better deals at one of those cheap eateries in the city. I’d definitely go back here again – after all, I’m just 25 mins away – but I’d probably order 10 billion different kinds of sushi and other small dishes to share with everyone, kinda like tapas style. BUT GIVE THOSE SOUPS A MISS! Price-wise, I’m sorry that I couldn’t remember how much everything costed (except for the platter) but I do recall the dishes being a bit more expensive than your average Japanese restaurant but I definitely think they’re worth paying for.
I eat too much.


  1. GODandShopping
    May 2, 2008

    oooh this place looks like sex on a platter – might try it sometime. and yeah glenny can be tacky – i saw a subaru with customized louis vuitton plate numbers. Monogramist much? haha

    OMG and even the older springvale ratty crowd (the ones that aren’t dead or in jail) still hang around there trying to recapture the youth they lost thanks to all that weed, heroin and stab-stab phase. LOL – funny how you bump into them and they start a conversation with a sentence along the lines of

    “Oh hey. didn’t we go to highschool together? Got any spare change” lol

  2. icesabre
    May 2, 2008

    Yep, Shira Nui, my brother kept nagging for me to go to that place – which I did, and I totally steered clear of the fish! I’m itching to try that Teppanyaki place inside next to Pancake Parlour and th Cinemas!

  3. KeLlY_Siew
    May 3, 2008

    thanks for the review! I’ve booked for next week and can’t wait to try and platter out!! =)

  4. aznality
    May 3, 2008

    It’s kinda like arguing which country you live in is better. Who cares where you live. lol. >=)

    Your mother resembles you.

    The sushi/sashimi platter and chicken/brocoli looks nice.

    May 3, 2008

    @GODandShopping – Those plates sound very horrible! Then again, I don’t really like LV products and will think that anything with an LV logo is horrendous so perhaps my opinion is biased…

    @icesabre – What did you have at Shira Nui and was it good? I don’t recall any teppanyaki place near the cinemas but then again, I don’t know the Glen inside out but yeah, if it’s good I will give it a try!

    @KeLlY_Siew – Oooh let me know how it goes! Apparently many people ask for the omakase/okamase or whatever it is which I might do the next time I go there…

    @aznality – Ehh it’s just good old suburbia rivalry 🙂 It’s funny how you say that mum looks like me – you’re actually the first person to have said that! Everyone else says that I look like my dad!

  6. icesabre
    May 3, 2008

    The Sashimi dish, very suimilar to yours plus this thingy with Salmon roe in nori seaweed. My brother had Sashimi, Salmon, and Ramen.

    Like I says in my other posts – I hate Fish – especially raw variety!!!!

    Yeah there’s a Teppanyaki restaurant in Century City (it’s that big building in Glen Waverley where the Villeage Cinemas is) – just a short 100-200m walk from Shira Nui.

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