Cafe Vue (red box April 2008 edition)

340 Little Collins St
Melbourne VIC 3000
+61 3 9691 3899

What a bloody windy day it has been today…

As I will be working full-time on the other side of the city, I doubt that I will be able to go to Cafe Vue every month to buy these red boxes as I won’t have time during lunch to get them so this is will probably be the last one for a while. How sad. Anyway, April’s box:

Cucumber, fennel and grapefruit salad: Okay, so far I’ve said decent things about the contents of previous lunchboxes and last month’s salad was heavenly (oh god, those tomatoes!) but seriously, this salad was just bland.  The cucumbers and grapefruit I could deal with but chewing bitter raw fennel  made me not a very happy camper. I could not even taste any dressing which made me wonder whether they forgot to put some or whether the whole point of the salad was to try the wonderful flavours of these vegies/fuit in their natural form or something. Either way, Shannon Bennett gets a FAIL for this month’s salad.

Spiced lamb samosa: This was nice, too small but nice. Nothing special as I’m sure your local Indian foodcourt cafe can whip up something like that but it was good. Especially if you’ve just had one bite of raw fennel .

Chicken and caper sourdough bagel: While the bagel does not exactly reach Glicks standard, this was probably the best thing out of this month’s lunchbox thanks to the filling. It was very sweet, with only a hint of capers to give it that extra ooomph.

Rum baba with Sauternes and butter sauce: A rum baba is a small yeast cake that’s saturated in rum, this was nice but perhaps a bit too rich for me.


I eat too much.


  1. lilpikachu
    April 2, 2008

    I had work today but nicked off to go to class at about 2pm.  While walking to class, the wind went apeshit.  I was literally forced to run (as the wind was pushing me along).  I couldn’t even stand still!

    I didn’t get back to work until 4pm but it turns out everyone got an e-mail to go home from Monash – but how come they didn’t tell anyone in the Campus Centre (where I work)? PUNKS!

    We were pretty lucky down my end of town – no electricity outages.

    Your red lunchbox looks awesome!

  2. lilpikachu
    April 2, 2008

    I stand by my comment, Ticketmaster is a pain in the arse but meh, I’ll live.  I know I work in retail but seriously, I hate customers sometimes.  Note to self: write a blog about how much I love customers haha.  I wish they’d change Ticketmaster (to be more user friendly) – because it’s not.

    That’s so cool how your boy watches GG – I got Kevin onto it as well! We have our GG discussions haha.  I love love love Chace Crawford – he is delicious.  Apparently someone (one of the boys) is coming out on one of the next eps! My guess is Eric (Serena’s bro) but that’s too typical so I reckon it could be Chuck? (haha).  I’ve got to get Kevin to dl Cashmere Mafia for me – I heard it was good.  Ooh, I also like The Sarah Connor Chronicles!

    Sorry my makeup tips weren’t that great – I’m still quite a noob myself but I don’t mind sharing what little knowledge I have LOL.

  3. icesabre
    April 2, 2008

    RYC: Nope, the organisation pays for it. I’m still based in Box Hill…

  4. is_sa
    April 2, 2008

    lol, i work in the heart of the city and so does my friends.  some of them had to leave early and some of them had “motion sickness” cause their buildings were moving. hahaha, lucky for me my building is in between two other buildings so was sheltered by the strong wind.  but then in saying that, i nearly got blown off my feet when i was walking during lunch, one pt i had to hold on to a traffic pole hahahahaha.

    i tell ya it was bad getting home yesterday.

    we even had urgent internal bulletins about the weather and how public transport was all affected.

    luckily im a westsider so I had power and the way home wasnt as bad as those on the eastside. hehehehe. :p  for once something that the westsiders are actually sheltered from. >.<

  5. s_l_v
    April 2, 2008

    Oooo yeah the winds were so bad I was scared I’d get blown away (despite weighing a tonne) and I also glimpsed on the news something about a brick wall blowing down and crushing 2 people?? I was only half listening but it sounded scary anyway.

    Ha thanks for the bagel pic! Now I want to abandon all my plans today (ie go to Southland to buy jeans get waxed and meet the boyfriend) and go to Glick’s instead to buy me some tasty bagel goodness.

    So did your sis manage to get away with meeting her boyfriend?

    And about that guy at work, I can’t file anything with HR yet cos what he is doing can also be interepreted as “being nice”. Then again sexual harrassment laws are so tight these days I’m pretty sure HR would end up on my side. And you’re right, for a genius he’s a complete idiot. He’s hitting on me WHILE WE’RE AT WORK, as in EVERYONE can (and has) seen us talking and him coming over giving me snacks etc. Even if his gf wasn’t there that day (or any of the days), isn’t there still a high chance other people who know about them would mention it? I don’t know if people know they’re together or if they’re keeping it quiet, but regardless, it’s still a really stupid thing to do on his behalf.

  6. whoislulu
    April 3, 2008

    oh wow…..I guess the strong wind missed sydney cuz my wife didn’t say anything about that~

    hope everything’s well w/ you…..I hate windy weather…..esp when sand/dirt is blown all around and into your eyes!! urghhh…..

  7. peach_water
    April 3, 2008

    OOO the redbox looks really nice. Been meaning to check out cafe vue for a while but never had the chance.

    Im in the eastside too, but my power was down for only 20 minutes 

  8. nadszybababo0
    April 3, 2008

    i’m telling. it gets me everytime i read your blog.
    all those pictures of food. pfft. makes me hungry like all the time.
    i should put the blame on you for my tennsy weight gain.
    hahahaha ;p


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