Movida Bar De Tapas Y Vino

1 Hosier Lane
Melbourne VIC 3000
+61 3 9663 3038

I’ve been dying to try Movida, supposedly Melbourne’s best Spanish restaurant, for quite a while now. It wins 10 billion awards, people rave on about it and there is always a queue outside the door during the busy lunch/dinner periods. We had to wait an entire month for a free table on a Saturday night so when the time came for us to try some yummy tapas (yesterday evening), Adam and I were excited.

Movida is located in an alley between Flinders Street and Flinders Lane. There is a cobblestone path right along the alleyway so be careful if you are wearing $1,500 Manolos or you will risk getting your heels stuck!

Oh by the way, the photo is meant to look like that. I was “experimenting” with Photoshop.

Normally I hate graffiti but Hosier Lane is home to some pretty impressive graffiti art. There was a really cool one of a biker chick but unfortunately it didn’t turn out good on camera.

Okay, onwards to the Movida experience!

(PS: I apologise in advance for the shoddy photo qualities. Due to the dim lighting, I was unable to take good photos. And my camera doesn’t have manual settings so I couldn’t fiddle around with shutter speeds/aperture or any of the photography mumbo-jumbo thingys).

When we walked in, we were greeted by a line of people waiting for a table to open up. Although patrons are advised to book tables well in advance, there is still limited seating available at the bar for walk-ins. We got seated immediately by the token Asian waiter who promptly gave us drinks menus to look at while I surveyed the surroundings. Although the restaurant is Spanish, the furniture and decor looked so IKEA (i.e. simple balsa wood furniture) that it was almost hard to believe that we were in an “authentic” Spanish joint. But people don’t come here for furniture, they come here for food. After ordering a glass of sherry, Adam and I began the auderous task of choosing the dishes from the menu. Basically, the menu is divided into two sections: 1) TAPA (which are little single snacks) and 2) RACION (Small plates of food which are designed to be shared among your friends – or you can have one to yourself if you are a greedy asslarche). It was quite hard to choose only a few dishes as most of the stuff they had on offer sounded pretty damn good but in the end, we ordered these:

Okay, so we didn’t order this but they served us complimentary bread like most good restaurants SHOULD. It was a really nice ciabatta-like bread with speckles of sea salt and cheese on the crusts. Olive oil was provided in a little well and was infused with tomatoes. Yum!

Let’s start with the tapas: Much to my disappointment, the kitchen had run out of scallops so they weren’t able to enlighten me with their vieira, jamon y espuma (half-shell scallop oven-baked with jamon and potato foam). I had heard good things about this dish and being an avid seafood fan, I was keen to try it. Damn damn damn.

I substituted my scallop for a freshly shucked oyster that was accompanied with jamon vinaigrette . The aioli was very nice and went well with the oyster.

Croqueta (fried silky croquette flavoured with mushrooms). I love mushrooms so this little bugger worked a treat for me. Very creamy and tasty.

Costilla con sobrasada (roasted lamb cutlet encased in a Catalan pork and paprika pate). I reckon this was one of the nicest lamb cutlets I’ve ever had. The lamb was moist and juicy, and the pate had some mint undertones in it which complemented with the cutlet’s peri-peri-like marinate.

Pimiento de piquillo (Piquillo pepper filled with crab and potato). Adam was keen to try this one but I told him that many people found this item to taste odd. Nevertheless, we ordered it and we were both pleasantly surprised. Very very nice, especially when dipped in the potato cream. Mmmm!

Pollo escabache al Miguel (Spiced chicken escabache tapa on crisp crouton). This was okay, nothing too spectacular. If anything, a bit too spicy for me though.Now for the racion:I thought about ordering the abugo jamon but at $20 for 20 grams, I decided against it. I could get the same jamon at Casa Iberica (Spanish food store on Johnston Street) for half the price!

Chocos con garbanzons (Pan-seared marinated cuttlefish with chickpeas, mint and tomato salad). This was an alright dish. Nothing to harp on about.

Conejo (confit farmed rabbit twice cooked with piquillo peppers). It was the first time I’ve actually tasted rabbit and surprise surprise, it tasted just like chicken. Derrrrr . But anyway, this dish was yum – I hope that rabbit served at other restaurants taste as nice as this!

Cecina (Air-cured thinly sliced wagyu beef, topped with truffle foam and a poached egg). Okay, here is where I will begin my rant. From this point onwards, it will be bitchbitchbitch from my mouth. Now, there was nothing wrong with the dish. It was yummy, even though it may have been very very salty. But it was not OMGOMGWOW! Now that would have been fine if not for the fact that this dish won the “BEST DISH OF THE YEAR AWARD” in last year’s Age Good Food Guide. That I was not too pleased about.

I think that when Frank Camorra was creating this dish, he was feeling a bit jealous of all the awards that Interlude‘s Robin Wickens was winning for this weird-combinations-but-hey-these-flavours-work-so-well-together dishes. So he started making his own Interludian creations: “Okay, so we’ll chuck in a few slices of wagyu. Because everyone in Melbourne loves that overrated crap known as wagyu. And we’ll add truffle foam on top of it. Because molecular cuisine is sooo totally in at (the moment). Why truffle? Because it’s rich people food and people like to copy rich people, no duh! And hey, if it worked for Serena van der Woodsen in episode one of Gossip Girl, then it will work for the commoners of Melbourne! Okay, what else to put? Ohh, I know, an egg! Because we need to justify charging $17 for the dish and vegetable items would not do. Yes, an EGG. There, brilliant! Eat that Robin Wickens!” Dish of the year? Heck, I’ve had much better things at Sofia and La Porchetta! As Gordon Ramsay would say, Oh f*ck me! After that, we were almost satisfied but had room for a couple more tapa. So we ordered one each and not long after, my Ortiz (Cantabrian artisan anchovy on crouton with smoked tomato sorbet) arrived.

Again, Mr Camorra tried to channel Robin Wickens but I think that he got it right this time. The weird combinations of salty anchovy successfully married with the sweet and slightly tangy salsa. I don’t think Adam liked this dish though because he was expecting it to be hot but got a nasty surprise when he took a bite and the coldness made his teeth go numb. Heh.

We were waiting quite a while for Adam’s San Jacobo de Cordonice (Hunter Valley quail, boned and filled with mahon cheese and crumbed). I don’t know how long we waited but given that our other dishes arrived pretty quickly, the wait for the quail seemed to last forever in comparison even if it may have only been about 10 minutes. The table next to us consisted of a trendy young couple who seemed to be on a blind date or something. Anyway, I noticed that the waiter had given them a plate with a quail on it right after I got my anchovy crouton. What was extraordinary was that the couple had already ordered a couple of quails earlier on so it did seem kind of weird for their quails not to have come at once.I had a sneaking suspicion that the quail that was delivered to their table was ours but I didn’t want to accuse anyone just in case it HAD been theirs so I didn’t say anything. And besides, the waiter kept telling us that our quail was coming. FINALLY, it had arrived. It was yummy but at this point, I had gotten a bit cranky about that a measly quail that I didn’t take a photo and wanted to get out of there post haste. For those who are crying and wanting to know what the quail looked like, just scroll back up to the photo of the mushroom croquette and visually enlarge it by 40% and you will have it.

The bill came to just under $100 which was rather reasonable given that we were pretty satisfied (no running to Maccas!) and that this was a hatted restaurant. It probably would’ve been more expensive for other people because of the wines but because me and Adam aren’t big drinkers, we didn’t have a panic attack when we saw the bill. Verdict: The meal was a bit of a hit and miss. There were some dishes that were done really well, some of them which were just blehhh. Granted, none of them were horrible … but I don’t know, I guess I expected more because of all the hype. I think that Movida is a good place for a date (from overhearing the blind-date-couple’s conversation, it seemed like they really hitted off – they barely touched their food!) or simply for having a few drinks (and tapas to go with the drinks too). It would also be a good place for a birthday but if you’re Ms Popular and happen to have 10 billion friends, don’t go to Movida because they only accept bookings of maximum 8 people (or was it 6?). The food was innovative, yes, and in some cases it worked in Movida’s favour but when it came to the taste-test, I think that it falls short on some occasions. Heck, even the no-name tapas bars that line Johnston Street serve better and cheaper food! In short, good but perhaps a tad overrated.

I eat too much.


  1. icesabre
    March 16, 2008

    One entire month?????????

    Holy crap… looks like it will be April by the time I make a booking – 6 peoples only? Hrmm, gotta give em a call because I’m thinking of doing it on a Friday night…

  2. icesabre
    March 16, 2008

    Oh and by the way, what part of town is Johnston St on? Is that like a Spanishy/Latino restaurant/cafe area?

    March 16, 2008

    Dave – it’s in Fitroy and it’s very close to the city. You can get there via either Hoddle St or Victoria Parade. It’s a predominantly Spanish/Latino territory and it gets really PACKED on Saturday nights. They have a Spanish festival on once a year (I forget when they have it) so maybe that’s worth checking out. I haven’t been to the festival myself but I’m so in for this year!

  4. kitty1982
    March 16, 2008

    gees that lamb cutlet sounds (and looks) delish!

    You have again managed to make me drool while reading one of your posts! Sprry you weren’t overly thrilled with the food.. I suppose on teh bright side it gives you an opportunity to keep lookign for your new fave restaurant/dining experience!~ ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. lilpikachu
    March 17, 2008

    Replying back to random passerby. I love your food commentary. Highly entertaining for a girl who is meant to be writing a 1500 word essay due tomorrow.

    Even better you live in Melbourne too! Whoo! ๐Ÿ˜€

    This Melbourne heatwave is sooo annoying! ๐Ÿ™

  6. gracii_d
    March 18, 2008

    LOL @ your comment about Pete Everett. I’m the same as Adam – I basically only watch it now just to laugh at how annoyed the chefs get at him, but then I just get so frustrated by him that I have to turn it off! I swear, Pete Everett is gay – have you seen how he flirts with the MALE chefs? EWWW! There was an ep. where he started talking to one of the chefs about how he came to him house late at night for dinner etc etc and there was clearly some sort of “sexual” undertone to’s like GET A ROOM and DONT DO IT ON CAMERA! Argh, If you like good food shows, I would highly recommend Food Safari!

    Weren’t the links good!? ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve book marked all of them. And yes I will post up pics of my Timpana soon enough!

    I totally agree with your “Grand Pricks” post! There are so many of those ppl around. As I mentioned in my post, my boyfriend is one of those I LOVE FERRARI wogs and drove me insane the whole weekend. Not to mention when we were watching the final race ( 58 laps or something..ridiculous!) and Ferrari ended up pulling out, he went on about it for like 5 hrs afterwards..ugh! Boys! ๐Ÿ˜›

  7. paul
    February 20, 2011

    Dear libishski
    Iโ€™m very happy to have discovered your loveable spirit & your food commentary blog I think its definitely needed Iโ€™ve shown my friends here in Adelaide your site we love the humor & personalized informative style your writing gives, in gratitude I wana thank you, your partner & dinning friends for the hard work.I think Its great when people combine their heart in what they love doing with the power of the mind,It really breaks the mediocrity down & moves us all to higher level.So when my beautiful partner Gabi and I decide to get away for the weekend 25,26,27 Feb & treat our selves to melbs great food & art/crafty,atmosphere and shopping,putting together a bunch of great food place was top on my list.I love to cook all kinds of foods & Gabriella loves to eat so we make a good team.We didnโ€™t know about the car race on during that weekend, but we managed to get a hotel room at (Rendezvous Hotel)for 2 nights. Gabi & I would appreciate it if u could suggest some places to eat n treat & any good nightclubs; great if u can thanks.for your trusting heart & spirit.. g&p


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