Piadina Slowfood

57 Lonsdale St
Melbourne VIC 3000
+61 3 9662 2277

In order to make Adam feel better about not going to the ‘Game On’ exhibition with me, I decided to bring him some lunch. Okay not really, I just wanted to win Girlfriend Of The Year. Joking. There is this really nice little cafe just off Lonsdale Street that is quite easy to miss. But if you find yourself walking along Lonsdale, between Spring and Exhibition Street, go find Bluebag cafe. DO NOT go inside Bluebag. Instead, walk past it and go inside the alley way and turn to your left where there is a bunch of Casselden office workers lining up for lunch.

Welcome to Piadina Slowfood where the service is not actually all that slow despite the word being in the cafe’s name. It’s a very small cafe and although their hot food are supposedly awesome, the chances of you grabbing a table there during lunch is as likely as George Clooney settling down with one girl for the rest of his life. Thus, most people opt for the takeaway option. The most popular choices at Piadina are obviously the piadas themselves which are Italian flatbreads. For approx $9.80, you can get yourself a piadina the size of a banh mi roll filled with all sorts of goodies. I bought a Moroccan chicken+rocket+mint hummus+pumpkin roll for Adam while I took the teriyaki chicken+lettuce+rocket+caramelised onions one. Apart from the fact that the fact that the onions made mine a bit sweeter than optimal, I enjoyed it. Adam’s wasn’t half-bad either if you take out the pumpkins (sorry, I don’t like them all that much unless they are in soup form). Very very filling. And not as stinky and salmonella-prone as a banh mi from Footscray.

I eat too much.

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  1. aznality
    March 7, 2008

    I haven’t been playing the fifa games recently, but they are still the best, haha.

    Does anybody look at you when you take pictures of your food? =)

    RYC: I don’t think she likes me any more than just as a friend. =S I’ve successfully avoided her for the entire week, so everything is great.


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