Sails On The Bay

15 Elwood Foreshore
Elwood VIC 3184
+61 3 9525 6933

Josh, who is considerably my oldest friend (I’ve known him since the 80s!), finally turned 21 last week. To celebrate this important occasion, he invited 40 of his favourite people Sails On The Bay, a beach side restaurant on the Elwood foreshore.

My dad and Ps Victor make some shady deals under the table talk about Indonesian old men stuff like, I don’t know, the good old days in Bandung, superannuation and Suharto


The mum’s side of the family + my family. Heh, I didn’t realise how tall I was (and I’m wearing flats). Well, either that or these Indos are ridiculously short.

My parents.
10 points to anyone who can correctly identify which one I look like the most .
My dad + Josh’s dad

The Gossip Queens of Melbourne’s Indo community: Josh’s mum and my mum.
I don’t know why the heck the waitress decided to stick her head in there while Adam was taking that photo.

Pfft you’re not cool, Ms Waitress .

Okay, onwards to the most important thing: What we ate!

Entree: I had the yellowfin tuna tartare which was placed on a brioche and accompanied with horse raddish cream and apple jus (not juice!). The tuna tartare was supposed to have been marinated in some sauce (the name of it escapes me) but I could not taste the sauce at all. At least the fish was nice and fresh so I enjoyed this dish alright even if they tried a bit too hard to play Robin Wickens a la Interlude with the culmination of weird-but-wonderful flavour combinations.
Main: Teriyaki-baked ocean trout, vegetables with ginger and citrus butter sauce and grilled scallops.
It was an alright dish. I had no problems with the quality of the fish and the scallops but the flavours were a bit too unimpressive for my liking. Heck, I even forgotten I was eating teriyaki because I could NOT taste the teriyaki at all. It was like they baked it with olive oil and soy sauce or something. And while the scallops in their tangy dressing were yummy, they did feel out of place on the plate. Heck, all the elements did. It was like they were forced together and were sitting there thinking, ‘What the heck am I doing here?’

Not disastrous but I wouldn’t give the chef an A for his ability to make the dish “work.”

Yeah, so I had fish for both my entree and main. So shoot me.

But yeah, Sails isn’t that bad a place. The staff are friendly, the views are usually good during the day but not so much during the night – but then again, it could be just me because I find the ocean much scarier in the dark. And although having a private room just metres away from the sand sounds like a good idea, you have to deal with joggers and passerby’s looking into the window and checking out your party the entire night. Very annoying. Like I said, I had no problems with the food but they also did not impress me. I would not drive to Elwood just to have the food at Sails when I’m sure I can find something similar in the city.

I eat too much.


  1. linhiez
    March 2, 2008

    i see elwyn in your photos LOLL

    the guy in the checkers shirt seems very cheerful lol

  2. icesabre
    March 3, 2008

    Lib… You might as well stop applying for jobs and go sign up for the Herald Sun or Age as a food critic! Hehe, and get paid to visit restaurants and try their food! Yum yum, and great job too! I wouldn’t mind that for a career!


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