Interlude (CLOSED)

211  Brunswick St
Fitzroy VIC 3065
+61 3 9415 7300
It was quite cold this morning when I met up with my cous Jess but pretty soon, the temperature reached 22 degrees and there was not a cloud in the sky. Perfect for a stroll in Brunswick Street with Adam. We went to Interlude, this French-inspired restaurant in the heart of Brunswick. Upon arriving at the restaurant, we felt that it looked a little out of place in such a left-of-centre district. Hell, the patrons already seated inside looked like your typical Mosman or Toorak housewives who would blanche at the mere sight of a “grungy” Brunswick Street cafe. Ironically, the meal that we were to consume also consisted of a variety of mismatches too as you will see.

Inside the restaurant, we were greeted with friendly and attentive service. At Interlude, they only have set menus so it makes it easy for people like me who find it very hard to choose a dish. For two courses at lunchtime plus a glass of wine, you pay $30 per head which is quite reasonable. The only thing that annoyed me slightly was when Adam declined the glass of wine because he was driving and still on his Ps. I was expecting them to offer him something else like a juice or something but they didn’t. Not a big deal but still

Anyway, onwards to the food! (PS: I had accidentally left my camera at home so I had to make do with my shoddy 2 megapixel cameraphone but hey, they don’t look TOO bad anyway)

For the entree, Adam had the duck live pate (left) with accompaniments I love the cute little duck-shaped brioches on the top – they were so cute that I was reluctant to eat them when Adam offered me a bite. The pate was nice but after a few bites, I got sick of it – it would’ve been better served as a starter rather than an entree meal.
I had the Jerusalem artichoke soup with truffle cream. It was very creamy and very flavoursome. It might be a bit salty for some but I love my sodium so it didn’t really bother me at all. Yum!

Adam chose the pork belly for his main. It was served on a bed of dijon mustard potato mash and sauerkraut. Unfortunately, Adam gobbled the entire pork belly up before I could even have a bite but I managed to have a few spoonfuls of mash, which I quite liked. But according to Adam, he reckons that he can get much better suckling pig at Footscray for a fraction of the price, hehhh!

Isn’t this a pretty sight? I had the sea bream for my main. It was served with some sort of tomato/mango salsa (leaning towards the sour rather than the sweet on the flavour spectrum) and the two streaks you see on the left are vanilla custard. If you have a forkful of fish with just the vanilla or just the salsa, it tastes kinda weird but if you have it with both of them, the result is an explosion in your mouth. Kudos to British chef Robin Wickens who managed to pull off a wtf-sounding dish with brilliant results!

Verdict: Weird and different. I know that the whole Interlude mission statement (or whatever) is to give diners a chance to try unique combinations of food that they’d never think of coming up with but frankly, the food was a bit of a hit and miss. There were some bits which I really liked and others that could’ve been done a bit better. I give credit to chef Wickens though, the weird arse combinations (tomato and vanilla, anyone?) that normally sound awful on paper were amazing – just one bite of my main caused my eyes to light up and go, Mmmm! Service was great – professional without the toffiness and snotty-ness. And although the servings might look small, I was surprisingly satisfied when I walked out of the restaurant. We were planning to head down to San Churro for dessert but we realised that we did not even need it. According to one of my old workmates, the servings at French restaurants might actually look tiny but they are filling because of the sauces. Or something like that. Shrugs. Finally, while there is some room for improvement when it comes to food taste, I’d definitely go again though- maybe for the dinner degustation where I can sample more of what Interlude has to offer.

EDIT (Oct 6 2009): Unfortunately, Interlude has since shut down.
I eat too much.


  1. icesabre
    February 25, 2008

    Mmmmm Pork Belly… makes me feel like going to Springvalue/Footscray for some like you said Adam mentioned!!!

  2. aznality
    February 25, 2008

    Why do the entrees and mains always look so measly? =X The food looks great, but I would expect these restaurants to charge so much for just that tiny amount.

  3. David142Perry
    February 25, 2008

    And here’s me being misled into thinking you were taking up cooking and baking instead of eating out. =) Glad you’re enjoying life with him though.

  4. jtngu8
    February 25, 2008

    Daaarling, my only question is how on earth did you guys get stuffed from eating only that?? I eat like a horse at my prime, so what I’m seeing is too pretty to eat and not enough to satisfy!


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