Izakaya Chuji

165 Lonsdale St
Melbourne VIC 3000
+61 3 9663 8118

After cooking up a storm in the kitchen last night and churning out chocolate eclairs, I decided to take a break from the kitchen and reward myself with yet another new restaurant adventure. Adam and I wanted to try Movida, supposedly the best Spanish restaurant in Melbourne but it’s booked for the next few weeks (we have to wait until March 15th to go there). After ringing around a few other places with no luck, we decided to suss out Izakaya Chuji, this Japanese restaurant on Lonsdale Street (just off Russell Street) as it has featured in the Cheap Eats Guide quite a lot . Anyway, we ordered a few entrees, a sushi/sashimi platter and a main to share between us:

Yukke – raw beef marinated in some kind of sauce + half-poached egg + shredded cucumber. It was delicious.
Takoyaki – octopus balls. These are one of my fave Japanese snacks and I usually order them whenever I can at Japanese places. The ones I had tonight, however, didn’t quite do it for me. Too much floury-dough and not enough octopus, if you ask me!

Deep fried squid with mayonaise. They are similar to the ones that you’d find at Chinese yum cha restaurants – only better.

Sushi/Sashimi platter. We went for the one that was $20-something.

Tempura combination with rice (main dish) – in hindsight, we should’ve gone without the main and just ordered one or two more entrees in place of it.

Overall, it was a pretty reasonably priced dinner – $64 for the two of us. The only thing that pissed me off was that the sashimi platter took more than it should’ve to arrive at the table. And the table next to us had a bunch of loud, drunken yobs who annoyed the heck out of me. But apart from that, I was content.

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  1. Izakaya Chuji has been one of my favourite for years. Haven’t been there for a while though.

    Oh, and by the look of it, isn’t that a lot of food for 2 people? hehehe we always have the raw beef, one sushi/sashimi dish (don’t think their sashimi is all that great. just like any other places), and one main. Come to think of it — I’ve never tried their tempura. Worth ordering next time?

  2. Pommy David? I’ll have you know that in less than 2 months I am eligible for Citizenship. I have had PR for 2 years and 2 days. However, because I just spent 7 weeks out of the country, I have to spend another 2 months in the country to make up for it. Besides, it’s POME anyway. I trust you know what it means. hehe. Your cooking looks good. I hope you manage to succeed and then I am sure Adam will be a very happy man, not that he isn’t already. 😛

  3. I might just add, the tone of my previous message was not meant to sound so fierce. On reading it again, it sounds a little that way. You should know me better than that to know I’m only joking right? hehe. =)

  4. I’ll always think of myself as English first actually. No matter if I end up in Australia, Singapore or Dubai. I’ll always be English. I’m not sure what you class yourself as and I have no idea at all what Mitch would class himself as.

  5. Yep, Melbourne is horribly foodie at the moment. Most places (the highly rated ones in the Herald Sun and Age) all seem to have a booking period of 3 weeks +

    My brother wanted Valentine’s Day Dinner at Rockpool, but all booked out and this was like late December, so he and his gf settled for last Friday night.

  6. When I’m in Indonesia, I tell people that I’m Australia.
    When I’m in Aus, I tell people that I’m Indonesian.
    Yet, I’m actually Chinese, with no Indonesian bloody whatsoever. Go figure!

  7. RYC: I was surprised when my Mum showed me them as well. I only kept the ones from people I’d heard of. I guess Mum never has been one for throwing stuff out. I agree, it is crazy and I brought them to Australia with me. heh

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