La Sangria Bar

46 Johnston Street
Fitzroy VIC 3065
+61 3 9419 8503
Adam’s boss, Aaron (aka Fake Hugh Grant) and his partner, Shandell, invited Adam and I to dinner last night at La Sangria Bar, a tapas bar on Johnston Street (Melbourne’s Spanish quarters). Who knows why he wanted to invite us but hey, free food, can’t complain! Although La Sangria is better known as a drinking hole that gets hella crowded on weekends with people dancing on tabletops to Ricky Martin (?!?!), the place is open for tapas dining during the week. Believe it or not, this was the first time I’ve ate at a Spanish restaurant and while the menu was rather limited, I know that I’ll definitely be back for more. If you haven’t been to a tapas restaurant, the concept is pretty much the same as yum cha – you order as many little plates of dishes as you like and that’s your meal. The only difference is the food (no sht) and tapas being a tad more expensive than your usual yum cha dish. I think we only ordered about 6-8 tiny plates of food (which is way less than one would order at yum cha for four people), but we were all stuffed at the end.

Clockwise L-R: Calamari, sardines, chorizo (beef sausages) 


Aaron and Shandell 

Shandell, me and Adam

Me and Ads now want to see if there are any good tapas places in the city in case we feel like it after work one night and when we can’t be bothered going to Johnston Street. Apparently Movida (just off Flinders Street) is a favourite but I heard that it gets busy. Hmmmmm.
I eat too much.


  1. KeLlY_Siew
    January 18, 2008

    food looks good! I’ve heard great things about Movida too. Want to try it out one day too! If I ever go to the city again…. lol

  2. I_Luv_Cocacola
    January 19, 2008


  3. icesabre
    January 19, 2008

    Hrmmmmm Spanish Yum Cha!!!!!



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