Melba @ The Langham

The Langham Hotel
1 Southgate Avenue
Southbank VIC 3006
1800 641 107

On Saturday night I took Adam to Melba at the Langham Hotel to celebrate our 6 months together. Having heard good things about the top-notch buffet restaurant from my old workmate Kim, we were excited about dining there after booking a table for the pre-theatre session at 17:30 because the proper dinner session was booked out. Prior to dinner, however, Adam had to vote in the federal election so we drove all the way back to Keilor Downs after his shift.  We knew that my his vote was hella unlikely to cause a massive swing to the-party-that-he-voted-for in his safe Labor seat but it was the principle that counted right? We then went back to his house to change for dinner before driving back to the city. Anyway, the photos:

Posing by the Langham fountains

Indian section at the buffet with its own naan bread oven + mussels!

More seafood!As much as we would’ve loved to take more photos of food, we decided that enough was enough because 1) we only had 2 hours to eat before they shooed us away for the next session, 2) we had to fit eating in the 2 hour timeslot somehow and 3) we were looking like idiots taking photos of food. 

So we stopped.

Until we got to dessert, that is .

Yum yum! – This is fun!
We had awesome seats by the window so we could watch the world go by as we ate.

Squidgy is enjoying himself too
And now for dessert…


The chocolate fountain

The dessert cabinet – I’m standing there in awe, unable to move. Wahhhhhhhh

Talk about awesomeness! *is all excited*

Adam prefers his bloody ice cream and gummy bears to the fancy desserts. Pfff, trust  

Adam with his ‘toys’! Haha this photo just cracks me up  

Overall, a great dining experience was had by the two of us. We would’ve loved to stay there much longer to sample the entire buffet but oh well, maybe next time. Because it was an all-you-can-eat joint, the food obviously wasn’t up to Teague Ezard/Neil Perry standards but it was of good standard for a buffet restaurant. Definitely better than bloody Foodstar and their cheapo cafeteria-style food[sic]!


I eat too much.


  1. b3108
    November 25, 2007

    oh that’s so cool having that TV beaming the latest from the election count for everyone to see… could also be a good way for restaurants to suck in customers… hahahaha… it happens a lot in hk!

  2. Me_itchy_Bum
    November 25, 2007

    Wow – you guys look so awesome together!

    Was actually going to go to Manchuria myself on Friday night but we decided on section 8 instead.

    I really got to try out the Langham – it looks awesome!

    RYC: thanks for the comments…. i kind of went in all different directions!

  3. aznality
    November 25, 2007

    Nice post. Libby, you are the best when it comes to blogging an entry about your long day. =) Detailed to the infinite degree and photos to enhance the experience. What more could you ask for. >=P

    Hohoho, yes. Labour won. But then again, I’m at loss because of the bet. I guess you were right about Labour being more popular right now.

    And I’m ecstatic for Natalie. I won $10 back, haha! I wasn’t exactly a fan of her from the start, but she grew on me a lot along the way. She’s so pretty, but talented too.

  4. KeLlY_Siew
    November 25, 2007

    I went to langham hotel very long time ago (2005!) and now I am to go back! The food looks very different now too!

    Oh and I’m happy that Natalie won as well. Matt was starting to get boring and Natalie just surprised me everytime she sings!

    Adam’s wearing skinny jeans!

  5. shanenma
    November 27, 2007

    Oh! Great post!

    The restaurant looks exquisite! Pictures look really nice, I feel like i want to try.

    Manchuria is a really nice bar, definately missing those nice bars here in Ottawa.

    And how lucky of you to have a “vote” I know thats what you would have wanted for your 6months!

    Oh yeh, and the self-take pics you guys take. Me and gf do that regularly. Just pose for consecutive multiple 20-30+ shots without even turning the camera around. And only look at them after the 30 shots. It’s a lot of fun.

    2eProps for you today!

  6. jowee86
    November 28, 2007

    we got a gift voucher for our parents to go to Melba! and coincidentally I was actually trying to make a reservation for them today but only the earlier session is available and the next available reservation for the later session is after christmas! I should go there one day with christian. he took me to the conservatory for our 2 yrs (or was it 1 yr? I cant remember anymore lol) and its pretty good there too

    re: I’ve learnt to type with long nails now although i should probably cut them all since I have a total of 3 broken nails now >_< *sigh* I am way too rough to have long nails for long. ARGH MY RESULTS ARE OUT TOMORW NIGHT

  7. Otto Au
    April 5, 2013

    The photos have gone all funny, or just gone, period

    1. libishski
      April 5, 2013

      Hi Otto,

      Yes, it seems like the photos from my older posts (so, 2010 and earlier) have disappeared because of an error in migration. I’ll see if I can get them back at some point but it looks doubtful 🙁 Such a shame as pictures really do make the reading experience better. Thanks for the comment!


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